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Dringdars Journal
Vegeta's Supremacy - A DBZ One shot
(Okay so I was really bored, and started watching random DBZ clips cause it was part of my childhood. And I found the scene where Vegeta attacks Cell after Cell hurts Trunks. So I'm like "Hey! Let's write it where Vegeta gets to be the badass he should be! So POOF! Wrote this in half an hour or so, so it's not amazing. Probably won't edit it or anything either cause I'm lazy.)

"You failed, boy." Cell declared, his arrogant tone of voice, ruthless and cold, causing the hair on Gohan's neck to stand up. He took up a fighting posture, his body taut and ready to go on offense or defense at a moments notice. Cell's power was... Impossible. He had doubled, tripled, quadrupled... Gohan couldn't tell. The energy he felt whipped past his flesh like a violent wind, while the green devil incarnate merely smiled.

"Now then. Shall we finish our little battle? Or has the loss of dear daddy driven you to the terror that you should have felt for me since we began? Perhaps you need another dose!" Gohan felt the power building in Cell before the rest of the Z warriors. He saw Cell move first. "LOOK OUT!" Gohan yelled. Gero's monster laughed terribly, before firing Frieza's Death Beam. The bolt of Ki shot through the air, and pierced the armor of Trunks. He stared, eyes wide and mouth open, his last expression one of surprise more than anything else. With a thud he hit the ground.

Krillen yelped, Tien gasped, and Yamcha hastily moved towards the inert body. Desperately he pawed Trunk's neck and wrist, seeking a pulse. When he did not find one, he adjusted his head over the young warrior's mouth. "No... Trunks... He's... He's dead!" Dead. Trunk's dead. Cell killed him. The image, the words, the sound, they played endlessly, a million times per nano second in Gohan's head. Trunks. Dead because of his hubris. His failure. His stupidity!

How had this happened!? Why hadn't he listened to his father? Goku had told him, Piccolo had ordered him, to destroy this monster, to end it's life before it could hurt anyone else! And now, Goku and Trunks, both dead at Cell's merciless hands. He stood there, laughing and glaring, as if begging for a retaliatory strike. Gohan felt sick. His stomach churned, and his palms grew clammy. His clothing was too tight, and his arms heavy. This wasn't real. It couldn't be true! Trunks couldn't be dead!

Wait! More... Ki? No! "Take this!" Cell roared, as he lept forward, and struck at Gohan. Caught off guard, the Saiyin took the full brunt of the blow, and yelled as he was hurled a great distance, his body bouncing and crashing into the dusty desert stone. Reflexively he tried to stand, only to fall back to a knee, wincing in agony. Before he could make sense of his injury, Cell attacked again, this time with a brutal kick into Gohan's stomach. The force of the blow bulged outwards, making Gohan scream in pain. "Yes, yes, that's right boy! Scream for me! Scream properly, I want to hear you beg for mercy before I kill you!"

His assault was cruel. Cell stomped, kicked, slapped and punched Gohan's crumpled form, drawing agonized cries from his lips with every ruthless blow. "Come on! Fight me! You were keen on a battle earlier, on humiliating and mocking me weren't you?! How does it feel boy, to be helpless!?"

All eyes were upon Cell and Gohan, save a pair. They stared, haunted, shocked, helpless, at the lifeless body of a swordsman from the future. Vegeta's hands and body trembled, his mouth dry, and his mind jumbled and fuzzy. "Tr-Trunks, my son..." The prince whispered weakly. How? How had this happened? Why had it happened?! Kakarot had lost, but his progeny had been unstoppable! Cell had been helpless, a plaything, a mere toy compared to Gohan! And yet... Yet now Gohan was weak, pathetic and... And sure to die... Die... Die, just like Trunks...

Yes. Yes, die boy, die son of Kakarot! How dare he allow Cell to live! How dare his stupidity cost the life of Trunks! If Gohan had struck, had done as he was told, Trunks would be alive, Kakarot would be alive, as disgusting as the thought was, and Cell would be done! Dammit! Damn you Kakarot! Damn your weakness! Vegeta fell to his knees, then all fours. Tears, hot and thick, slicked down his cheeks. "Trunks... Forgive me... I couldn't protect you..."

Gohan screamed as he was knocked into the air. "Die!" Cell ordered, before hammer fisting the boy's back, and sending him spiraling down into a nearby plateau, which exploded into dust. Goku's son coughed up blood, and feebly lifted his arm. It hurt, and his limb collapsed, falling worthlessly by his side. "D-dad..." Gohan whispered. He could see this blow coming. It was painful to see it coming, and be unable to dodge, as Cell put his massive foot straight into Gohan's already battered ribs.

"Almost done boy, almost, I promise! I'll kill you once I'm sure every bone in your weak little body is turned into dust!" Vegeta's failures haunted him. He lost to Kakarot, a low life, weak little clown of a warrior, and then to Recoome, then Frieza, the Androids, but worst of all was Cell... He had let him trick him, let the beast persuade him, to willingly allow him to absorb Android 18. A knot formed in Vegeta's throat. If... If he had... "I should have destroyed... When I had the chance... Cell..."

"Dammit Cell! Damn him!" Piccolo's strong, deep voice was not it's usual calm, in control tone, but a frantic, frightened and sad crack. "I'm not going to let Gohan die like this! Not like this!" A bright bluish white aura surrounded the Namekian, who took off in a flash of Ki. "Piccolo no!" Krillen cried out, before he too took off. Tien and Yamcha were gone as well, all four weak, foolish warriors off to join Gohan in death.

The Ki blasts echoed through the air, as all four of the Z warriors struck at Cell's back and flanks. The creature only grinned, and stood still, laughing maniacally, while staring at Gohan's broken and battered body. "Insignificant GNATS!" Cell roared, as he drew his arms in close, and spread them rapidly, releasing a massive blast of energy, and hurling Piccolo and the others away.

(Insert Vegeta's power up music here)

"Imbeciles! That's... Nothing! It won't... Do... Anything to him!" Vegeta clenched his fists, and slowly staggered to his feet. "Cell... You... You've... You've humiliated me again!" No more! No more! He took a glance, a last glance he decided, at Trunks, before drawing his arms back, and in close to his chest. The prince of warriors roared in rage, his head tossed back and his eyes white and pupils gone. The sound filled the air, as Vegeta took his power from deep within. Kakarot's sacrifice, Cell's tricks, but most of all, Trunk's body... It fueled him.

Within seconds Vegeta had achieved his full power, his hair sticking straight up, golden and bright, his eyes now a terrifying peridot green, and his muscles bulging and his body a perfect warrior's shape. He was ready to charge... But he couldn't will himself. The prince's screams grew louder, and more intense. They became deeper, more guttural, primal and enraged. Vegeta couldn't move his limbs. He couldn't stop gaining more power. It didn't bother him. His hair continued to straighten, his muscles to bulge, his power to grow.

Cell held Gohan by the front of his tattered and ragged shirt. His hand was drawn back, fingers pointed outwards, towards his young foe. "And now, you will die Gohan. You will die for humiliating me. You will die for mocking me. You will die for daring to fight the ultimate warrior... But most importantly, you die because I demand it!"

Cell roared, and Gohan screamed. He struck with no kindness, his hand charging forward to smash Gohan's chest, and obliterate his heart. The coup de grace ceased as Vegeta's loudest roar yet emanated from nearby. Cell paused, just for a moment. Gohan was staring, awed, not frightened, not at Cell, but at Vegeta.

Gohan understood it. Vegeta had done it. He'd done as he had. The power radiating from that man, that warrior... Gohan shuddered, and allowed his eyes to close. "Do it Cell. Kill me if you can!" The challenge returned Cell's attention, and the demon smiled. "So eager to die are we? Fine! Say good bye! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!"

A white gloved hand closed tightly around Cell's wrist. It stopped, the nails of Cell's hand brushing against Gohan's flesh. Vegeta stared, cold and hateful, into Cell's equally dead eyes. "So Vegeta. Playing hero now are we? Don't be a fool. I can crush you with a finger!" There was a painful cracking, and Cell gasped. Vegeta was squeezing, and slowly bending Cell's wrist and hand backwards, towards his foe.

Appalled, Cell drew his wrist back, and vanished in a flash of deadly speed to stand away from Vegeta. "What... How?! You couldn't even lay a hand on me the last time we fought! I'm ten times stronger than before, how is this possi-BULL!" There would be no words this time. Not between Cell and Vegeta. Silent, Vegeta had slammed his elbow into Cell's chest. A second follow up strike, equally brutal, though from his fist, sent Cell flying backwards, to slam into a pile of stone.

Cell hadn't full righted himself before a destructive kick knocked his head to the side at a sickly angle, as if broken, before the fourth of Vegeta's merciless onslaught sent Cell flying. "Once more monster." Vegeta was airborne, his speed unmatched, as he caught Cell's flying form. His foe was stunned, his eyes blank, his expression pained, and his voice screaming. A double fist slam hurled Cell to the ground.

Skip to 4:06)

"CELL!!!" Vegeta intoned at his green, inert foe. "You've tricked me! You've humiliated me! You've even taken my pride, but none of that was good enough for you! You needed MORE! You took my SON! My only son! I have only one thing left Cell! Allow me to give it to you, all of it! FINAL FLASH!"

Vegeta grunted as both his hands clamped together, open wide, and a massive blast of Ki burst forth. The strike soared towards Cell, who stared, shocked, but not yet helpless. "Ka-meh-ha-meh-HAAAAAAA!" he shouted back, and delivered his strongest Kamehameha yet straight back at Vegeta's blast.

(Skip to 1:10)

The difference was massive. While Cell's beam was blue and powerful, the size of a small house, and more than enough to equal, and even overwhelm Gohan... It did not compare to a Saiyin princes' wrath. Vegeta's blast plowed through Cell's strike, which was forced backwards upon it's wielder. "No, no, no! I am perfect NOOOOOOOO!"

Throw backwards by the unstoppable force of Vegeta's ultimate strike, driving Trunk's murderer backwards, and into the ground. The energy focused and channeled into Cell's body, burning and ravaging it, shredding Gero's final creation into ribbons of eradicated and lifeless tissue, before disintegrating the final cells.

Unflinching, silent, Vegeta stared down at the crater where Cell had died. In the end, he had won. Cell was dead, Kakarot dead, Gohan alive... His vengeance was complete. But the taste in his mouth was bitter, and the victory sour. Trunks was dead. Vegeta had won the battle... but the cost had been far too great, far too expensive. It would not happen again. With Kakarot dead, Vegeta had attained a level of power unequaled anywhere else in the galaxy. And he would use it on any fool who dared to challenge his supremacy.

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