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Gaian Burnout?
Yeah... It's somewhat happening to me.
I... just sometimes don't feel the same way for Gaia as I did a year ago.
Perhaps my denial over Johnny's death was the glue that held me here. (Don't get me wrong... I'm pleased as piss that Johnny's back! I'll still ocassionally break out in a little giddy dance about it!)

It's not because of the n00bs.
There will always be n00bs.... lots of them.. enough to wallpaper the walls of the Gambino tower, carpet the floors and have enough skin leftover for furnishing and curtains. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Perhaps it's because of my age IRL.
I'm nearing the point where even *I* am going "what the hell are you still doing here?" To quote Danny Glover "I'm too old for this s**t."
Even so, this will definitely not be the reason I'll quit, if I ever do decide to up and leave Gaia! I found some good connections here. I've met several individuals here that make my day quite interesting... in a positive way, and in a WTF kind of way. smilies/icon_confused.gif Gaia has actually become a support and a network to me. Most of my friends from college have either moved away or got married so I rarely have contact with them anymore. It's sad, but that's life... it happens. On Gaia, on the other hand, I can always find a person to argue with, to laugh with, to cry with and to joke around with and unlike the real world... age is not always a factor. Some of these people I've stuck with over a year, and I don't regret it!

However Gaia's not my life either, and I need to actively realize I need to pay attention to my own life, rather than my character's. This is one of the reasons I'm lurking now more than posting. In a sense, I'm kinda trying to ween myself away from Gaia. Sure I'll be popping back.. most likely once a month to continue donating to this site (It's provided so much to me, I can't help but repay it in some sense... that and I'm a greedy little donation whore! smilies/icon_heart.gif )

In the fear of sounding emo'tistic... I think it'd probably be best for me to fade away, rather than up and announce that I'm leaving. That way, if I'm forgotten or passed over... there are no ill wishes.

Anyway... This is just something I'm feeling right now. Don't worry. Just watch, next week I'll be singing praises to Gaia and swearing up and down that I'll stay until the site crashes permanently! smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
That's just how I am.