1. What is more difficult for you, looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

I think other people how they feel about me, i hate hearing discouraging words, you can call me all the provokative names you want but when people honestly tell me that I'm a terrible person and have reasons behind it breaks me.

2. Think of the last time you were REALLY angry. WHY were you angry? Do you still feel the same way?

I was angry because i tried so hard to get my mother and all my friends parents approval for a party on New Years while the parents and my mother agreed to one rule "When you go to bed, you stay in bed until I am awake" which i didnt care about because my mothers normally up at 8. Well someone broke that rule and competely disregarded my home and family. Yes I'm still a little upset at it.

3. You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You have enough time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call? What do you tell them?

Ahaha, joint call between my parents.I would tell them how much i loved them and how much i regret everything ive done/said to them.

4. You are at the doctor’s office and he has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? What do you do with your remaining days? Would you be afraid?

I wouldnt tell them I'm going to die until the last few days, and Id make sure i would live it no other way. Might throw in some ******** up things that would be very fun but in the end i wouldnt do anything too drastic. I would be scared shitless, yes ive wanted to kill myself multiple times but i always had the thought in the back of my head 'What will the people who care or need you do? how would they react?"

5. You can have one of the following two things. Which do you choose? Why? Love and Trust.

Trust. Because if I have trust then I have love but not the other way around. Yes its kinda avoiding the whole ' you can only have one' but #yolo.

6. You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late even once more, you are fired. Do you take the time to save the dogs life? Why or Why not?

Gonna answer this like i did last time : I have a job?! ... Id save the dog. It would haunt me, plus if i show up to work soaking wet and panting then i think he might so show some sympathy.

7. Would you rather be hurt by the one you trust the most or the one you love the most?

Ouu, knowing me probably both. Because i it would be one person i love and trust the most, and not different people.

8. Your best friend confesses that he/she has feelings for you more than just friendship. He/she is falling in love with you. What do you (or did you) do/say?

Ahh fawk, memories! To be honest at a time both me and my friend liked eachother, due to family/medical matters i had to let him down easy, saying that I was moving to live with my dad (plans were foiled, court battles blah blah blah) but i went back to my school the second week in, surprised the ******** outta everyone (but Kikikowi who saw me the night before where she attacked me then) and he gave me the longest, tightest hug ever and at the beginning of summer i would have melted but the issues where there and i actually have to freak out for him to get the message that were not going to date because im too stressed yada yada... we're still friends now though smile

9. Think of the last person who you know that died. You have the chance to give them 1 hour of life back, but you have to give up one year of yours. Do you do it? Why or Why not?

Grandma Grace, I know she was like 80 something and died at her time but i regret how the restraining order battle between my parents held me back from seeing her on her death bed, her funeral and the silent auction of her house. When she would come back we would be in lindsay at the trailer sitting by the fire drinking wine and playing cards.

10. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

No, honeslty I'm a b***h and blame my issues on the people around me, I'm good to people but i still have that feeling that im just a burden to the people around me, im a drama queen and blow everything out of proportion.

11. Does love = sex?

Nope, two opposite things, but you can achieve one out of the other and vice versa.

12.Your boss tells your coworker that they have to let them go because of work shortage, and they are the newest employee. You have been there much longer. Your coworker has a family to support and no other means of income. Do you go to your boss and offer to leave the company? Why or Why not?

Depends on my position, if im working rediculous hours that will take them away from their family i wouldnt. my biggest upset as a child was barely seeing my father, and that really strained our relationship still to this day. If i had the option to keep a family happy then yes i would allow them my position.

13.When was the last time you told someone HONESTLY how you felt regardless of how difficult it was for you to say? Who was it? What did you have to tell the person?

I tell people my opinion all the time, i dont really remember one that sticks out as a regret.

14. What would be (or what was) harder for you to tell a member of the opposite/same sex, you love them or that you do not love them back?

I would be blunt but gentle and tell them if i actually loved them or not, if there was feelings that haent developed strongly i would tell tem that.

15. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Why would it be hard to lose?

was* My bestfriend, she kept me in line with myself and not my disorders. I honesttly have no idea what broke us but i still consider her my bestfriend. I was and still am so grateful for her in my life, and it actually causes me phyical pain when we see eachother for a few seconds and she snaps her gaze away.

16. Excluding romantic love, when was the last time you told someone you loved them. Who were they to you?

I think it was my mom, i was so over whelmed and she gave me my space but lingered if i needed her, she knows me best and how to deal with my meltdowns.

17. If there was one moment and one time in the last month what would you change and why?

Last month, December... My depression. I dont have seasonal depression or nothing but i was completely oblivious to the holiday cheer that i know i came off strongly as a grinch or shocked when it appeared.

18. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? Why or Why not?

Yes, I would. Anyone who needs my help will recieve it.

19.You are holding onto your grandmother’s hand and the hand of a newborn that you do not know as they hang over the edge of a cliff. You have to let one go to save the other. Who do you let fall to their death? What was your rationale for making the decision?

Honestly, i hold a huge resentment for my grandmother at the moment and it kinda helped me pick pretty easily. I would drop my grandmother, for the fact that she isnt actually apart of my life, shes just kinda there. Se had her time to live and as much as i would love her to be at my wedding I would want the child to have its whole live in part of the 20 some odd years my gandmother would live.

20. Are you old fashioned?

Ettiquet around people yes. I like to believe that my morals are old fashion but I also like being independant and not clinging off some man.

21. When was the last time you were nice to someone and did NOT expect anything in return for it?

All the time, but i still want them to take into consideration what goes on. When i want omething i sugar coatit then be blunt.

22.Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a broken heart, or never loved at all? Why?

Broken heart, Im use to it in a honest way. But i still want that 15 minutes of fame because who doesnt?!

23.If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?

I wish that i knew how to control my disorders and not let then interfer with everything negatively.