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2013 - A Start Of A Brand New Year
wow! it's already been 5 days [in Canada] into the new year :$ yet I still don't have a New Years resolution, plan, goals, pretty much nothing haha. I'm a cluttered mess. Well I might as well start now.

1. Be more organized.

Oh! what a coincidence! "Being organized" is the first one! but yes, I need to start writing down assignments [yes, I go to school] more often. also write down meetings, when is one thing due, and etc.

2. Get a habit into getting your work done earlier.

yea.. I have this strange habit where I like to do things on the night it's due and I wake up tired as ever @.@

3. Don't be lazy!

i'm the laziest person I know! Haha. I always make my friend & relatives to do my stuff for me...not a great thing, I know. So I will start to actually do my work as of been told.

Eh? I'll start off with 3, see how well I do. If I think I "mastered" one, make up a new one. I'll eventually increase and add new goals over the years, but right now, I'll stick with these 3. I hope you have a great year in 2013! ~