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I don't have religious beliefs as far as going to church to worship. I'm not sure what to classify my beliefs as. I believe there is a God. I believe that what goes around, comes back around. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for it all.

My friends would call me a hippy. I would call myself a person who is in touch with the Universe. It is a hard thing to understand sometimes but I think that if one chooses to embrace it, it becomes so much more clearer. So much more knowledge. Through this you are able to feel less pain and stress. Meditation is the key to my mental success.

I do have my down days, like most. We are entitled to that "one" day. Sometimes we can't help how we feel. Sometimes our body is burdened with that fact that unhappiness lives in us. Medications aren't always the answer. I was diagnosed with Depression when I was in High School. I went to see a counselor and she taught me how to self meditate. Being able to figure out what starts your pain and then being able to stop it is quite liberating.

I am willing to share and teach the way of meditation to anyone who is willing to learn. =)