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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.
James Daxin: The Buisness Man.

I checked the time. 7:27. Crap. I hopped out of bed and grabbed my Suit. 
"s**t..." I muttered Realizing today the New contract was going in effect. My Blue tie Was Still Clean. Luckily. "Tall days when When I decide To Not prepare.... Nice Going James." I Sigh. I Hop in My new Audi, Gratefully hearing the Engine Roar to life. I Isn A matter of Three second, Hit the gas, Reverse, Rooll out of the driveway, Switch gears, Put it in First, And Close the garage Speeding away. I glanced in the Mirror. As usual, My Blue eyes shimmered, Along with my Blue Hair, As if they were water. Thats the thing about Demigods. Were Somewhat Immortal. There are angels, Demon, Ghosts, Wraiths... And Gods. There are Demi-Angles, And Dmi-Gods. Demi-Demon. Not Half ghotshs though. Being a Demigod.. Sucks. You cant live a noral life for one. We have Powers.... That Can Hurt or Harm. We're Born without Parents. So we dont know the meaning of love. Or care, But... For soem reason... Im the only one that does. I was adopted. But.. I Grow fast and age Slow... So.. Being About 16,900 Years old.. Dosent help. Looking about 17, when my ID Says im over 100, People ask me what Im on. I say, Just the power of gods. So deep in thought, I forget about the road for a moment, While A Person dressed in Yellow Crosses the Street.

"s**t!!!" I Yell In suprize Pulling a Sharp left To avoid the Person, Pulling out onto the damp and thick Grass. "Fuuuck!" I yell again Revving the engine, Only to find My tires that Im stuck in Mud and Grass. I Get out Fuming, And Glance at the Person Dressed in Yellow, Only to see That The Person is a chick. A BEAUTIFUL one at that. I feel my hands and musles relax Staring at her. She Brings me back. "Ar you alright?" She says Checking me glancing at my face and arms. "Y-Yeah. But.. shouldnt I be asking YOU That?" I Grined a little. She Giggled. "Maybe. Im sorry. I shouldnt Of Ran into the Road like that."
"I shouldnt Of Let my foucus Go elsewere." I Had Half=Mindedly Started Checking her out. God. She was like an ANGEL. She had Green Hair, And Darker Green eyes, Making her Seem Diffrent. Even though Ive seen Chicks With Red, Green, Pink, Blue, All the Colours and Designs In Hair Possible. But She.... Was Different. She Wasnt Demi-God.. I would of Sensed Thier Power By now. "And Really.... Im Sorry. But I have something to ask you... After.. You get your car out." I Drifed Back Atteion And Lost Waht She was talking about. Crap. Oh well. "And what would That be.. Miss?" "First of all My nae is Honeydew. Honeydew Kazeruno." She Slowly Stuck out Her hand. Wow. Even her hand was... like an angels. I Gently Took it in mine. It was sont, Smooth... And Warm. Jesus. Where did you COME From??? "James. James Daxin. I Bowed my head a little. "And the second thing was... I'm Kinda New here. Im... Staying With Some Friends, So.. Do you know any good Places For Jobs?" She sweetly smiled. Well Hot Damn. I NEEDED A new Co-Worker. "Uhh Yeah. When The Tow Tuck Comes, Hop in." I Smiled. She Smiled Back. This.. Was going to be Sweet.

8:30.  I'm officially late. But...I glance at her watching her hands feel and tinker with the seats an the GPS.  I'd gotten Bored of watching the tow truck pull us, so I turned my attention to her. She was looking at a part of Europe now. Russia I think. Moscow....? Yeah that's Russia. "How old are you...?" The question spilt from my mouth before I could stop it. Her hands froze. She slowly looked at me her eyes twitched as if trying to find an awnser. I-I'm....17 Th-just 17..." "Okay... And from what realm?" She paled. I smiled. "I'm a demigod. So don't get freaked out. Okay?" I looked out the window smiling. "I'm... More angel than anything else...." I turned my head to look at her and I was slightly confused. "Wait..... So you were BORN an angel..?"  She blushed and nodded. I felt a smile from on my lips. "Guess that explains why you look like a pretty fine angel." I watched her blush deeper and look away. I grinned. I like this chick already. "How is it... Being a demigod...?" Silence hung in the air. I thought for a moment. "It's.... Different. No parents.... No siblings.... No family. Just being immortal and dumped into a rat hole to live.... Yeah." I looked outside again. Memories flowing now. UNWANTED memories....
Kayla. Mixed emotions instantly stirred inside me. "Hey.... You okay..?" I Felt her hand gently brush my shoulder. "Y.... Yeah.... I'm fine... I just... Remembered something. That's all." "O-okay.... Sorry... If I caused it..." She looked outside. She DID cause it. I COULD get mad at her for it. But.... I'm not like that. I looked outside. We were outside my workplace. We pulled to a stop, watching my co-workers watch us unhook and pull my car into a parking spot. I grabbed my briefcase and motioned for her to follow me. She was almost awestruck from all the glass and the high class cars in the streets and driving around town. I gently pulled her hand untill we were in the elevator where she was brought to earth. I smiled. "never seen somuch glass and nice cars?" "Not in one place...." She was now pressing against the wall. I laughed. "CALM DOWN. It's just my workplace. And maybe if your lucky... Maybe yours too." She turned towards me eyes gleaming, And squealed. He gave me a tight hug. Wow... It's been a LONG time since I felt one of those.... Almost... 2,000 years to be exact. I gently hugged her back somewhat awakardly. I Grined. She was being cute right now. Just... Really Really cute. *Smiles* Were you taking a intrest in this chick? Maybe. She definetly has your attention. And not like the Sluts at my Job either. Oh Well. The elavator Finnaly dinged at our floor. I Turned to her.
"Ready to meet your new job?" She nodded. The doors opened And we Walked in.

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    Rosebud Pudding
    Community Member

    Fri Jan 04, 2013 @ 10:32am

    Okay...this is just TOO cute. I'm contemplating co-writing this with you, but I'm mostly curious to see how you'll handle it on your own. *Smiles* I love it so far, though.

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