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(this was a dream from last night)

I was sitting on Ben's floor by the foot of his bed, scrolling through something on my laptop. He was sitting nearby absorbed in whatever it was he was doing. I felt comfortable, relaxed in his presence.

He moves over and sits next to me there on the floor. I don't break my eyes away from the screen but I could feel his eyes on me. He was close but not uncomfortably so. He gruffly took my chin in my hand forcing me to look at him. There was a flash of something--seriousness?--in his hazel eyes before he pressed his lips to mine. It was soft but he sent a message with just one touch before pulling away.

"Ben..." I say distantly, my thoughts immediately tune to my boyfriend. His eyes turn hard and I stand up to quickly leave. He stands up too and watches me walk out the door.

Later I'm at this house where I live with a few people, one of them Cammi. I tell her what happened and then immediately after Derek shows up on our doorstep angry beyond belief and suddenly it seems like there's a division between friends. People are mad because I broke Ben's heart and then the people who are one my side who claim I had a right to walk out. I didn't see Ben and I didn't understand why everyone on his side was so mad. Especially because he knows I'm not single..