I'm making a list of New Year's resolutions, let's see how many of them I can go through with:
1- Get better at drawing with color pencils
2- Get a program for the laptop that allows you to draw with a tablet
3- Learn to cook more things
4- To go through with something that I started
5- Try to draw something on a weekly base
6- Read a book in Spanish
7- Less anger, more love
8- Try to paint more with Acrylic paint, get better at painting with Oil paint
9- Stop being such a procrastinator!
10- Keep a budget
11- Read at least five books (that's excluding the Spanish one)
12- Try to read Japanese
13- Try to get in another art exhibition
14- Be on time for my classes
15- Finish on a comic I started and start a new one
16- Upload about 10 big paintings, all done, to deviantart!