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In The Shadows I Must Wait
Troubling thoughts, lost sentiments, hopeful desires, infamous plots, and forsaken illusions. Here is my mind.
Enemies Among Our Own
*WARNING* The following may irritate some. I must say now that all biases and prejudices have been swept away for now, and that I have no intention on attacking any one or group. My thoughts may be confusing as well, so I ask that nobody attack me for my words.

Why do we fight over what is and what isn't? Subgenres in music, styles, fads, and posers. I see no true definition with labels.

Emo is short for emotional and from my understanding, it was originally a type of music, not a lifestyle or fashion. But if we actually think about it, aren't we all emotional? How could you brand yourselves something as though you are the only ones? We are all emotional.

Gothic was originally a type of architecture but went into a subculture. From an outcast's POV it would seem as though anyone who just seems a tad off or doesn't have an interest in a certain aspect of it is automatically called a poser.

Posers are.... anyone who tries to be part of a group as part of a fad and have no knowledge or understanding of what the subculture really is about.

The list goes on and on. Punks, "Vampires" (those living a sanguinarian lifestyle), and everyone in between. My main question is, why do we fight? We all live an alternative lifestyle, one way or another. Is it the music that divides us? I see many who go on YouTube and bash other artists of a genre they have no interest in.

"Oh, (Band Names) are posers" or "emo fags" or "wannabes. Why don't you emo motherf*ckers go kill yourselves." But everyone has their own preference for music. I may listen to Fall Out Boy (I really don't,just trying to think of another band I have no emotion for) but that doesn't label me as emo. Neither does listening to Lamb of God, Three Days Grace, Vampires Everywhere and the such labels me as a poser.

I dress my own way. Yes, I do wear black, but that does not label me as a goth nor did I ever intend to label myself as one. I love the gothic fashion. I really do. But for some reason, many people want to label me as a poser because of that. I dress gothic and then turn and listen to a whole different type of music.

I don't label myself as anything. I cry alot. No, that doesn't make me emo. I wear black. No, I'm not goth. I listen to metal and consider myself a "metalhead" but I do not see how that makes me a poser.

It's confusing. The only thing I find that the majority have in common is that we all tend to be the outcasts of the society we live in. We are all bashed and killed for the same reason: We don't fit in. We find comfort in our abnormalities and find refuge from society's attacks. In the end, we all share the same thing.

So why do we fight? Why do we argue about each other? Does it matter if he's emo? Does it matter if she's a metalhead? Does it matter if they are punks? No. I think not. As far as the posers go, let them be. We get more attention out of them. Why don't we use them to show the world what we aren't?

Act innocent. Don't BE innocent.

Romina Blackheart
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