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Did you fall from heaven? Cause I have an erection~
Moving On.
Well Davey and I have been broken up for a while and I miss him so much. But I can't dwell on that anymore. We're not the same people and no matter how much I want him back, I know he's not going to be the same boy I fell in love with. So, I've decided to just, move on. I did meet someone else.

He's super friendly and he always makes me smile. He's smart and he writes poetry and he's just so wonderful. I work with him and if I could thank Davey for one thing it'd be for helping me get this job so long ago. I wrote about this guy before in my journal. His name is Owen. He helped me when I needed it the most and for that I feel like I feel like I owe him. Nothing would ever make me think the favor has been repaid. We've become so close over that past little while that I really feel like he and I might have something special. I don't want to stress over it and I don't want to make myself think that there's something there when there isn't. But sometimes I feel like he might feel it to and he's just too shy to say it. Either way, I really like him. He makes me happy and when I'm near him I feel like we're 2 characters in an anime. Time slows down when I look into his eyes. I feel my palms get sweaty and my face turn red when he says something or gets too close.

Today he hugged me and I wish I could have stayed all cuddled up to him forever. I was shivering and he wanted me to wear this coat but I refused. Then he opened his arms to me and made a face as though to say "Come here. I can warm you up." so i nervously smiled and walked to him. He tightly wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine. I felt safe and comfortable there. He then said, "You smell fruity..." and I said, "Oh..?" and he said, "I like it." I melted and hoped that no body would come to ruin this small moment... but then I sort of pulled away and he let me go. It's like an awkward romance from a manga. I hope it goes somewhere nice...

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