So I've been thinking, and my entire philosophy has changed on everything. I came up with it while helping at my mom's school, I guess the educational setting got my brain pumped up and somehow inspired this new philosophy. Anyway, the main idea of it is that there is no such thing as right or wrong, only different. Of course, that stance is reserved for controversial things, such as mythology, religion, other philosophies and so forth. I believe that everyone has their own reality, and as with reality, things exist and things don't exist, depending on the one perceiving it. Such as, you might see a beautiful painting where I see splattered crap on paper, or I'll see a book that I think is the best ever, and you'll think it makes no sense. You see war as justice, I see it was murder, and so on, so forth. So you might say we all share the same reality, it all depends on how we see things. I don't believe such a thing. I believe everyone has their own personal, handcrafted reality that has been built upon since day one of their existence, by them and the people/surroundings. Reality is your own creation, and it's enforced by both your brain and your heart. If people were to accept the thought of multiple realities, then perhaps peace would be more easily acquired. Instead of focusing the wrongs and rights, fighting and killing over a matter of belief or opinion, people could merely say "well, that's their reality." And what you create within your reality is the absolute truth, but only within your reality, and to claim your truth is absolute within another person's reality would be false, due to how they may perceive it and how they shaped and built their own reality. Of course, this is sounding like a "just accept other ideas" speech, and a poorly written one at that, since it's 2:30am here, and my caffeine is dying out. (Maybe I'll retype this when I'm more awake. It's also probably not as good because this thought came into my head over twelve hours ago, and I'm not so passionate about it as when it first sprang into my mind.)
Anyway, time to shift this from an 'accept others' speech to a deeper one.
Reality is something you create and live by, using your own set of rules and morals that have been integrated into your reality through either your own personal beliefs or the beliefs of those who influence you, such as parents, role models, etc. I believe reality is a state of mind, and the mind is something that is eternal, immortal, akin to the Christian thought of a soul. I believe that it lives on after us, that it doesn't fade as our body rots, but instead, stays active, perhaps in our skull, or floating freely in the sky. I believe that when we die, our reality expands into something physical, and creates a personal world that we believed while living. For Christians, it'd be Heaven, or Hell, depends on your state of mind while on the verge of death. It'd make sense, since most religions have the 'repent and thou shalt be forgiven' approach to sins, and confessing certainly does take a load off you. I think that depending on your religion, and the events that transpired in your life, your reality will be shaped into what you think you deserve. If you die with a guilty heart, then you'll forever damn yourself in a miserable afterlife, such as Hell, Hel(Yes, there's another version of it with only one L), and all the other nasty little underworlds that we so badly fear. Your reality will be hell if you die with guilty thoughts, but with the idea of repenting and being 'saved', then if you truly feel yourself to be morally cleansed of something, and feel no guilt in your heart, and feel deserving of a more benign afterlife, your reality will create the 'good guy' afterlife such as Heaven, Valhalla(Or the many other halls), and so on. Of course, that being said, it'd make sense if an insane murderer believed himself to be justified in his killings, that he'd die and go to where he believes he should go, whether its fit for him or not. That, you see, plays into the individualized realities that each and every one of us live in, and religion could very well be true, every single religion out there could be an absolute, undeniable fact, depending on that person's reality.
Just my thoughts on that. Whether my philosophy is true or not, I think the world as a whole would benefit from a little more understanding, and to just try to think of things as 'different', instead of right or wrong.