Minccino (Cinccino) - Like to clean. Obsessed with cleaning. Greet w/ tail. Don't like to be given food as a gift. Likes human food. Prefers dry food.

Sewaddle - Can sew. When scared, puts leaf over head. Eats leaves and berries. Baby-like.

Swadloon - Very stubborn. When scared, goes into a ball. Eats fallen leaves.

Leavanny - Makes clothes for small pokemon. Very parental and protective. Eats fallen leaves. Makes blankets out of leaves.

Petilil - Very relaxed and calm. Big heart. Eats grass.

Llligant - Popular with celebrities. Very difficult to make its flower bloom. If neglected it will wilt. Shy. Eats berries.

Ducklett - Likes to steal. Brat-like. Sometimes won't obey. Loves to eat peat moss.

Swanna - Like to compete. High and mighty. Likes to fly in the sun. Eats berries.

Deerling - Very timid and shy around humans. Prefer to hide. Herbivore. Gets along with Snivy. Cheerful and active.

Sawsbuck - Serious and grounded. Timid around humans. Herbivore. Wishes to have the most splendid looking horns.

Cubchoo - Curious. Baby-like. Wanders off. Loves berries.

Beartic - Cool. Passive. Protective of littler pokemon. Eats marine pokemon. Love to swim.