Are sending non-Christian Gaians offensive messages with anonymous gifts.
Now, with doomsday prophecy threats to them.
Understand that such persons are not really Christian, and are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are cultists.
If they hit you with this, do not get into religious fights over it.

To The Offender: I'm Buddhist, you dumb ********.

EDIT: I say we do like China did, and arrest all the "Christian" doomsday cultists trying to scare innocent people into converting with threats that their god will unleash Hell on Earth upon even the most innocent of non-Christians.
You idiots do realize that szyt's illegal, don't you? It's cultism, terrorism, harassment, disturbance of the peace, and attempt to infringe upon other citizens' right to freedom of religion. Oh, and, yes, it's a hate crime, against a person of numerous minority groups. You are breaking many laws to harass me.