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gah O_O who is the anonymous reader? its kinda kool that i have someone reading this, but a little strange seeing as the majority of whats on here is all negative. idk if it the same person consistently or not. all i know is they are religious and like to help others. i shall now refer to you as "anon". so anon, im just curious as to why you would chose to read a journal so full of negativity. i would think you would want to surround urself with a positive..... i cant think of the word so lets say landscape or mind sets. oh, and are you male or female. i dont mean to be rude but it would be very strange for a male to message me in an attempt to help me see things in a positive, more comforting light. if it were a girl it would seem more likely because, generally speaking, they show far more compassion. i think its nifty ether way, but i have no way to really say "thank you for your messages and trying to help. i am in no way ungrateful and i welcome any and all impute. i am sorry i do not fallow religion but thank you all the same and best wishes to you and urs."