• outfit: Roots Trackpants, Knee high socks, Nightmare before christmas shirt, Beach hoodie and my robe because I'm cold ;~;

• hairstyle: Side Bun.
• jewelry: LBGTQ bracelet, Pandora bracelet, 2 kandi bracelets, and a skull beaded one. And my Zebra ring.

• underwear: La Senza <3

• nail color: Nude ;D

do you:
• cut yourself: Nope.

• yell a lot: Naturally yes, Intentionally no D:

• have too many friends: neverr

• want to die: Not right now.

• wear dark colors: COLOUR* and yes :3

• dye your hair: Its Blonde and Teal now <3

have you ever:
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Oh yeahh~

• left the country:Yes, Worst ******** holiday ever.

• stolen something: A couple of souls, but thats itt.

last person:
• you hugged: MissMouseeMoo's leg.

• you talked to: MissMouseeMoo

• you hugged: .........

• you instant messaged: Dan.

are you:
• understanding: I think so.

• open-minded: Yes

• interesting: Duh.

• hungry: Yus ;~;

• smart: In hyperfocus I am a legal genius o-o

• moody: who isnt ?

• childish: Ever so slightly-LOOK A DUCKKK

• independent: Very.

• hard working: Sometimes....LAWL NO

• difficult: Yes.

• attractive: Other people thinks so. :/

• thirsty: Yus...

• obsessed: Music<3 And my Camera<3

• angry: Not at the moment.

• sad: Noope

• happy: Sure

• trusting: Yeahh

• reliable: ...Yes and No. xD

• sleepy: Yus ;~;

in the last 48 hours:

• cried?: Almost.

• missed someone?: Yeahh...

• yelled at someone?: Dun Remember.

• drove somewhere?: School.

• talked to someone on the phone?: Kikikowi

• been online? ....... Nope. Not at all. I am posting this offline.

• kissed someone?: Uhm, nope xD

• hugged someone?: Yeshh

• last thing you ate?: Bagel.

• talked to someone about something important?: Yes,

have you ever:
• broke something?: Bones, random crap. Yeahh...

• betrayed a friend?: Sadly.

•shot a gun?: MERHERHERRR XD

• broke something important?: Bones.

• dyed your hair?: No I'm naturally teal.

• who is sitting next to you?: air sad

• favorite sport?: badminton

• kicked your cat for the hell of it?: never D:

• are you bored of taking this survey?: kinda

• what time is it now?: 1:34am

---10 Firsts---
First Best Friend: Ivana

First House Location: Brampton Ontario

First Screenname: iiNinjaToaster

First Piercing: ears

First Crush: thats for me to know , and attempt to remember xD


First School: Worsley

---9 Lasts---
Last Car Ride: Bus.

Last Movie You Watched: Rise of the Guardians <33333333333

Last Phone Call: Kikikowi

Last CD You Listened To: Collide with the Sky

Last Bubble Bath You Took: like two weeks ago :$

Last Song You Listened To: Paint it Black.

Last Words You Said: "Are you falling asleep on meh?!"

Last Shower: last nightt

-- 8 Have-You-Evers---
Been Arrested: Not yet :p

Been On TV: Yus, with Marching Band.


Been On A Blind Date: Nope

Been In Love: :$

Worn A Water Bra: most uncomfortable experiance ever !

Dated Someone Through the Internet: Uhmm.... Yeahhhh.

---7 Things You Are Wearing---

1: Bra
2: Panties
3: Knee Highs
4: Glasses
5: Pants
6: Hoodie
7: Makeup.

---6 Things You've Done Today---
1: Ditched in Music
2: Had our first rep class
3: Watched some chick eating in a restaurant.
4: Took photos for Yearbook of the adorable kid of doom<3
5: Procrastinated biggrin
6: Poked the wall.

---5 Favorite Things (not in any order)---
2: Photography
3: Turtles
4: Tumblr
5: AssassinsCreed<3

---4 People You Most Trust---
1. Kikikowi
2. Cece
3. My Mama
4. My Cat :3

---3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die---
1) Patch things up with the girls<3
2) Be covered in tattoos<3
3) Raise some children<3

---2 Choices---
Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla
Family or Friends: Friends

--1 Person You Want To See Right Now--
That sexy man in my dreams<3