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guys so i'm eighteen going on nineteen in a month

and i am in my second year of college

and right now i am annihilating a chocolate mint candycane, while watching my neighbor totoro while hugging a totoro that i got for christmas yesterday


what's worse is, i have never seen this children's movie before and it is giving me serious feels. like it's so beautiful i want to cry.

some movies are really good and i don't pause and minimize them more than 4 times. like so far, samurai champloo has been the best at holding my attention. all of hayao miyazaki's and satoshi kon's movies are good at that too.

i was trying so hard to pay attention to the girl who leapt through time and ghost in the shell...

i'm so happy because my poetry professor is the editor of the penn poetry magazine, and he asked if he could publish two of my poems! i'm so happy! and my japanese teacher gave me a b+ even though my oral exam was literally me ******** up and then briefly telling her in awful japanese about the monkey that was wandering around ikea

"ehh? saru?" she said.

right, i am going to pack for going home. must not forget all 61 candycanes i bought today. my suitcase is gonna look like i held up the north pole or something.