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Funny YnM/DoD fic. continuing on from part 1. I'm about to introduce mira. hold onto your hats! oh, yeah! and foxy-chan

I walked into the church yard and took a deep breath of the early autumn breeze. I ascended into the church ignoring the hushed whispers of a few infatuated nuns who had noticed me. My plan was simple: wait. So I sat down and let the sunlight bursting through the stained glass windows color me, and pulled out a book. I was in for a long wait.
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It wasn't until 3:15 that my instict warned me of an
Energy source- Maria. She was the moment. Then I felt a stronger energy source- Tsuzuki. I smirked then piled out an Eye drop and placed it in my eyes. Then I heard him. Tsuzuki... "Excuse me....have you seen a girl run By here?" I stood up and turned to see him. A tear rolled down My face. " embarrassing" I murmured, adjusting my glasses. "I'm sorry...." That was all Mr.Tsuzuki could manage. Then he ran off again. I watched him leave. after that was done I called My assistant, Rachel. She was in the shower so she didn't answer. I sighed and tried Kalyn. Same place. I then left for home and took a well diserved nap for about 30 minutes. Then I got ready to set my plan into action.
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''What the hell are you two doing!?" I screamed. Rachel and kalyn looked up simultaniously.the two we're in MY bathroom in bathing suits giving My innocent son Mira, a bath. "Giving your innocent son, Mira a bath." Rachel stated dully.*eyes roll* I looked at the trio. Rachel was wearing a blood red bathing suit to go with her firey hair. a one piece. Kalyn wore a blue two piece. blue did look good with her hair. Mira wore nothing. His snow-white hair was wet and filled with cherry blossom scented shampoo. the bath was filled with soap bubbles and the jets were on. I noticed something orange in the water. I pulled it out. "Yay! Dimpsey! you found him!" Mira shouted. "123 on dimpsey!" Cried Rachel.
I rolled my eyes. "Daddy?" Mira said. "Yes?" i asked. "Can Foxy-chan play?"