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Senshi of Love and Beauty I am Sailor Venus
Nuzlocke Challenge Log 3
Nuzlocke Challenge Log 3
Team :

Kisame Lv 16

Hercules Lv 12

Sasori Lv 12

Trixie Lv 12

Rocky Lv 12

Egg ( recieved after gym battle )

Pokemon Caught today :

Bellsprout - route 32 traded for a Onix

Sandshrew- Union Cave

Hoppip - Route 33

Caterpie - Ilex forest

Deaths : 0

Badges: 1

Violet City :

Went up against the pokemon gym and won ! Though I had a bit of a rough start because Falknerā€™s Pidgey kept using Sand-Attack on my Onix. However I got the last attack on it using Rock Throw smile Next up Falkner sent out Pidgeotto who I first used Trixie against and then sent Hercules out. The Pidgeotto stayd asleep for the whole fight

Route 32 -

Received Super potion coming out of Violet City and fought three trainers leveling up Kisame and Sasori ( a itachi will come later maybe wink ) Fought two fishermen one had a whole team of Magikarp ( >:C ) and the other had a Goldeen giving me some great experience. Kisame reached lv 14-15 visited Pokemon Center on this route before entering Union Cave

Union cave -

Caught a lv 6 Sandshrew

Fought two Hikers Kisame grew to lv 16 is close to evolving <3 Also battled a Firebreather with 2 Koffing and defeated with Kisame with two bites each.

Route 33

Caught a Hoppip and battled a Rattata. I also battled a Hiker who had a geodude and a machop

Ilex Forest - Went to the forest to train my rock pokemon and caught my first pokemon there which was a Caterpie.

Saved my game here since my DS was about to die...

Silent Dreamer Nozomi
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