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My mom and her weird addiction to plants... Just a few months ago, my mom had never liked plants. Same thing with pets, they're pretty, she says, but they're annoying as taxes (okay, that may have sounded weird, but it's true). Now, she ADORES her plants, given to her by her friends. She didn't care for it a lot at first, but after they grew big and tall she started researching and studying them, she took multiple trips to home depot and the dollar store to get plant pots and plant stuff. Just last week she brought home a new friend, the Aloe Vera plant. Now we have plants everywhere, and I'm getting really paranoid about finding bugs in my bed. smilies/icon_eek.gif

Too bad they're plants, not pets... But I wonder if the same principal with animals will work the same way for her? Maybe I could buy a dog, ask someone to send it as a "gift" to my mom, and she'll take care of it and when it gets big and fat she'll adore puppies as much as plants? smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Nah, in my dreams probably. My mom detests animals in other people's homes. She said that she disliked animals even when she was a little kid. *sigh, that poor child... I guess its because she didn't eat enough sugar at that age...

My mom dislikes alot of things, but she is a HUGE foodie. She LOVES food, like basically everyone in the world. But, shes more of a critic than a cook. Last time, she tried baking. She never really liked baking either. She had a bunch of cookbooks laying around, so she finally decided to put them to use, other than just looking at the pictures and drooling, as I always do. The recipe was simple. It makes a dozen blueberry muffins, but what it turned out to be was a lumpy batch of yuckyness. Turns out she forgot the baking powder.

Now I'm stuck with eating tasteless pieces of lumpy stuff.

Christmas Wishlist :bigheart:

Canadian Bacon (10k)

Astra-7: Curse of the Gray Wizard (130k)

Pink Goo Mood Bubble(100k)