Well people, not tg get all EMO on you, but I lost both my parents in the last 2 years. I never had MUCH FAMILY AT ALL, so yes, this is very hard. I also lost my uncle and some friends. It's hard indeed. Tonight, I cried like a baby, I cried an ocean, no, I really did. My eyes are so RED from crying if I were to go out now, people would think I was either high or drunk or both!! Nothing wrong with a tip of the bottle but the other stuff I no longer touch.

Ah yes, made me a festive yet humorous avatar for me and all of you to enjoy. I will make something *pretty and festive* later. You see my avatar was TRYING to untangle the Christmas lights and got tangled UP instead. Kitty cat is trying to help by being there for me, but well, its not helping as you can see! The pile of gifts, OH NO, those are NOT MINE, those are ones I just wrapped for OTHERS and plan on giving for the holidays. The dancey dance thingy, I had that at home since I dance and do karaoke with it and well, the tangled lights ruined my mood!! gonk (avatar ONLY as I said, Im fine now)