rabbit gal
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Today, TinierMe officially closed their doors. It is definitely a saddening event!
The news reached us users on November 9, 2012, with this announcement.
Our run began in '09, though I didn't personally hop on until May 04, 2011 under the username Poly-ly.
I later moved accounts under the username meulin. If you recognize me, don't hesitate to add me!

My favorite feature in TM was, of course, the forums! Generals was my comfort.
I'm very happy to have found the TinierMe Guild active again here on Gaia,
so I can still see users of which I've grown very fond of.

I spent my last days on TM taking screen shots of my closet and room,
much like other Selfies! A very sweet users, Veiss Wynd, was even kind
enough to include me in making gifs of Selfies for free.

Isn't it nice? I died in my favorite items.

I also left my room in a nice condition. Land Ho!!

Since the death of TinierMe, as well as a few other internet services I
grew to enjoy, my attention is again focused to Gaia Online.