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The Apocalypse Of Dusk: Gathering Of The Necrotic Gods
Chapter 8: A Cold Design.

The Preist was back in his ship "where is the damned shpere?!" He roared tossing the lol-globe to the floor it clatter for five seconds untill it fell silent.
"S-s-s-s-sir, nothing was in Black Mountian, w-w-w-where could it have g-g-g-gone?" Cather inquired.
"Um, Priesty could it be near-"Vinny started.
"Do n-n-n-not call him 'P-p-p-p-Preisty' it is The Priest!" Catcher shouted angrily.
"Damn Redneck, do you even know what we've doing?" Vain scroffed.
"Of course I do,'' Vinny said placing his right hand over his heart and tilting his skull cap. "We're bringing our gods back we-I mean THe Priest-already resurrected Skelly, all we need to do is gather the rest of those artifacts and we'll be home free." Vinny said grinning.
"And now without the sphere..." Xetu said rolling his neck as bones and flames crackled he looked over at Vixico hoping he could feel his hatred. "Things have gotten much more difficult." He said as he sat down in one of the few chairs that had been placed aboard the ship.
"We are NOT giving up! I'll be damned if I let Xaruvar win!" The Preist bellowed.
"S-s-s-s-sir! Please c-c-c-calm down maybe of we obtain the b-b-b-boy we could use his unique p-p-powers to raise the vibrational f-f--f-requiencies of Serpent Mound and summon, I mean c-c-c-contact Lord Alister." Catcher suggested his lip quivering.
"We don't know where Xaurav is going." The Preist stated picking the holo-globe up, as it flickered on The Priest gazed into it. "Futhermor how in the Black Heaven did he find the boy?" He Inquired turning to his Brothers.
"Um, Preisty I think I know where ya'll might be headed I reckon ya Rav and his friends are aiming for-"
"The hidden city," The Preist finished.
"Of course Vixico your a g-g-g-genius!" Catcher said clapping his hands with merith "They clearly have the nesscessities for s-s-s-such a j-j-j-j-journey." Catcher informed them as he watched The Preist enlargen a secotion of the holo-globe the Indian ocean shone an colbalt blue hue in the room.
"Question is...How we will get there." Xetu said rolling his neck once again.
"I fret not that we will be using anicent magicks, its much more...Hm sutiable than these rotten technologies anyway." Vain told them as he slowly walked over to the counter deciding to make a cup of tea for himself. "I think I'll use jasmine" he muttered.
'Sire you make to piece this puzzel together very catiously, it is imperative that you aquire the sphere, Nedas and Xetu have already given you the staff and blade.' The Priest Higher Self or consciencness said to him and him alone.
"Lady Ni thank you enternally I am forever in your debt." He responded as his medium tourquies eyes peered into the holo-globe, he paced the floor and stalked over to Xetu. "How are you feeling, did that...That b*****d harm you?" He asked leaning into him as he saw the flames within.
"It ******** hurt, I'm going to kill them! Once we have brought Lord Alister back I shall personally make Kizmuy and the rest of them atone!" Xetu growled.
"For such a-a-a-a-an ungodly sin." Catcher finished, and Xetu nodded in agreement as The Priest motioned himself over to the ship's main room and went back to the wheel of the ship. Suddenly he heard an simple ringing in his left ear. "Vain, it's your phone your son is calling you."
"Thank you" Vain said fishing his cellular device from his right pants pocket he then placed it to his ear oddly he forgot to hit 'answer', once he did he heard his child's voice. It had been more than ten years since they talked, since he had ran away Vain assued he had called to simply say I hate you and hope you die "What is it Quincy?" Asked Vain.

"******** you! I became a god! I-I-I" The Scottish-Itlainian boy scremed over the phone.
Vain sighed into the cell, "son we need to talk"
"JUst, just die you old b*****d!"
"I truy did deserve that...Two years ago a man only known as THe Priest came to my church he said, he informed me."
"I have a boyfriend!"
His father ignored that comment. "THe Priest informed me about xeno neco deus, the forgien dead gods. He spoke with such carishrima it move my heart...He spoke of gods with such immense power that it left me speechlees. THe Preist told me I was the reincaration of one of there squires. Inakari Lexile Nicirum was my leige I served her with the utmost love." He paused as the memory flowed back into him. "...The Priest also told me that he heard their cries that it was their time that...Th-they needed to be brought back home. THey the Nicirum bloodline created an special class of Terran Humans and taught them the Ways Of Old. THe Priest said he was Lord Alurk's right handman, so to speak. His passion to revive them open my very oversoul to new highters. In these years I had gained so much wisdom that I had known not I was capable of. He showed me artworks, some of the most beatiful pictures of Lord Alister I had ever seen." Vain paused to catch his breath. "Obvousily I left Cathiloism and became the third recurit of his...Cause. Quincy I...I love you son." For a moment that equaled to three minutes there was silence, then Vain hung up and sipped on his tea.
"Hi dad" A boy's voice came.
"How's school?"
"UPs and downs, I'm failing gym heh." He told his father.
"I don't want to push you to do anything son, tell your mother I love her." THe Preist said.
"Heh sure thing, um listen I know I'm a sohpmore but.." He gulped unsure if he was ready for this. "But, there's this, this um, girl I lied and I-" He lied, he paused and lied. "heh, any advice?"
"Mew, when I met your mother I could have sworn my heart chakra erupted." THe Priest said.
Mew laughed meekly "oh god,''
"She was the most gracious woman I had ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on, she spoke with such...Such grace. It radiated my aura. I felt weak in the knees. Dakeril, I could even say my own name. Your mother is stunning! NOt even that captivating I heard-" he mentally whispered the next part "Alexandria moan he said 'we must make her our bride.' Althought I was young I listened and introduced myself. Things simply...Evolved." He explained.
"Um, dad your on speaker." Mew told him.
"I LOVE YOU!" His wife yelled tears in her eyes.
It stung The Preist left ear "I love you as well," his soul said through him.

"..Sooo Skelly, have any war stories?" Vinny asked grinning.
"About six hundred and ninty seven years ago I was involved in a magickal war my Higher Self 'Lord Vile guided me through the bloodied feilds, I watched as a man murdered my wife and child in cold blood as I was a victim of his hand, literally. I have so much blood on my hands cleansing them would only worsen the stain. He was a fellow Necromancer, I felt so much raged. Nedas do you know what death feels like?" Xetu replied.
"I reckon if you could you would want vengance? I have memories of past lives, but know. If you don't mind Skelly, carry on." Vinny stated.
Xetu rubbed the bone of his nose and huffed, "It was a marvolus war if the magickians had not won, or I had not come to my senses I would have killed them all."
Vinny looked at his sword, "Yeah, now that Preisty has revived you that raw rage, it fuels you know doesn't it? One of the most beatiful emotions. Is rage." Vinny told him as the memories of his past pentrated his crown chakra. "I miss you Brother Kregger." he said tilting his head down.
"Any r-r-r-regrets?" CAtcher asked as he walke in book in hand as he scribbed futures.
"Regrets? What 're ya'll talkin' 'bout, I love my life!" Vixico grinned.
"Stpehine I'm sorry."
Below them the ocean could be viewed and the Txan arose he went to the back of the ship, ''Preisty has some scuba suites in the back~ This is gonna be fun!" He sang as he walked picking his teeth with his knife that he plucked from his pocket.
"Infuse them with dark magick" Xetu muttered as he stayed in his seat, "What's in a future for me?" He asked Catcher.
"Y-y-y-you bring them back."
"Good to know, I miss having a body."
"Lord a-a-a-a-Alister has the power to bring y-y-y-you back."
"Aeons ago THey ruled our home planet Kind ALaurk and Lady Anahatah justly watched over all, and they and their elderest son, Prince Eiukl were called to Terra to assist in human's evolution. They errected a temple that connected them with home it drew Akemea's power and ignited the shadows of their servtans their 'junk' DNA was fully activated and an order was erected Beial knew this as did Timat they became the first Akemean-Humans to breathe for themselves our forefathers." The Priest stopped and let his HS take over. "My father came to the Terran with my mother through a rift in dimesions, lesser gods grew jealous and vanquished us to the second dimension and now we have no known way of escaping. Its up to you to free us." THe Preist HS told them. Vinny, Vain, and Catcher could feel the shift in their sire's energy so in short they knew when Ni decided to speak.
"We're almost near Cambay prepare to explore a lost world." THe Priest told them as he turned around and disappeared back into the driver's wheel.
"Spirits of Darkness please enchant our armors" Vinny chanted trying his best to keep the cast simple as he watched shadows leap from the floor and form bubbles over the suites. "Guys I'm ready when you are!" He called to them as he loked at one of the suites it had simple design to it from the year two-thousand. As he started to get dressed Vinny heard his sword whispering to him. 'Vixico you have done well, good luck out there.' It told him the moment he donned the helmet his brothers had arrived. “I do not need one of them,“ Xetu stated.
“Please wear one so you won't get damaged.“ The Priest requested as he donned the scuba suit Xetu grumbled as he put his on, “it feels like my armor.“ He said flexing his left hand.
“You had armor?“ The Priest inquired.
“I destroyed it.“
“Why it's what made you powerful“ Vain calmed, as he pulled the helm over his head.
“‘I-I believed my HS was evil, if I had known-“
“Fret not let the past burn in the Void,“ Vain told him as the wall folded open.

{Updated as of 12/8/12}

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