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Bidniman's Journal
Tramadol Overdose
So I found out today that one of my older brothers overdosed on Tramadol and went into a seizure. I'm not too worried about it considering how this will make his 5th trip to the hospital for overdosing in the past 7 or 8 years. I'm sure he will pull through it again like he's done before and probably make the same mistake later on in life. I really wish that he would get his s*** together. But if you knew him like I do you'd know that's highly unlikely. I'm crossing my fingers for him anyway, I do not want to be standing over his grave anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, I do vicodins and percocets, I get prescribed xanax and smoke weed. I smoke cigarettes and I drink on occasions, not often, just when I feel up to it once in a blue moon. But I have never overdosed on anything on accident. I can go without pills with no problem, I just like to have some when they are around. I can actually maintain my life, I have my own place, my own car and I don't get "pill sick" when I don't have any. He's been bad on hardcore pills for years, that's how he stabilizes himself.

He has a car but it's broke down because everytime he gets a little bit of money to be able to fix it he spends it all on drugs. He could have a place of his own but he caught 3 felonies before he turned 18 + 2 felonies after and it's a little hard to find a place for rent when you have something like that on your record.

I don't think his girlfriend is all that helpful regarding his situation either. She's just as bad as he is when she doesn't have anything. They fight so much that it's kind of like fighting is their way of communicating now. They are not a good combination for each other whatsoever.

I'm not trying to rag on them, I love my brother with all my heart, and I like his girlfriend sometimes. But they just need to wake the f*** up and get there lives straightened out, I really wish they would, hopefully it happens soon.

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