Greek (UN)-orthodox

"Yo' Dionysius!
- Lets sit, have a talk!
If we refuse wine,
Don't be shocked!
I came to discuss a vision
And i feel i need your help
To influence my decision
I talked to Hades,
That b***h is against me;
I talked to Ares
That b***h protects me!
Some advice from Hercules
To stay out the fight,
Some advise from Hermes
That s**t ain't right!
So I talked to Zeus
Just to set the set the standard
This is what myself,
As a man; heard..."

"My son,-
We all know Hera is a b***h!
But don't double cross
Cause a b***h can switch
And turn into a witch!
Head my advice son
Grab a gun
Have fun
Then run!"

I wasn't quite satisfied with the answer,
Not lookin' for a ho I want a dancer
Artemis, please produce
Some kind of woman i can use
Oh s**t! I found her around me
No joke, this b***h surrounds me.
She's all up in my head
Making other thoughts
Just drop dead.

"So anyway Dionysius, That advice i need...
Where can i find, The Finest bag o' weed?"