Arcanine Angel
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I personally don't want life. i hate it. in all honesty i just want to kill myself.

My family kicked me out because they dont want me.

My job promoted me but everyone still treats me like an annoying outcast, and i feel like a loner.

My friends are all over the place and i dont know whats going on anymore, its seriously all confusing.

My boyfriend treats me like a pet. It really ******** hurts.

My bestfriend treats me weirdly and there is many things that are confusing me and i dont know how to feel.

My home life? I dont have a home. I live in my boy friends home in my boyfriends life.

My phone shat itself, my car is slowly shitting itself and all my belongings are mehhh and dying.

When i look in the mirror, I'm disgusted. I hate want i see with a passion. People say I'm a 9/10 but i dont see that at all. I just want to rip the skin off my face and destroy what ever is there. I dont want to look at the mirror. I hate it.

I want to kill what i see when i look at the reflective glass. But i'll never be able to do it....