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Say hello to my characters~
Echo Qvar
[picture will come soon]

Age: 17 (appearance)/ 76 (immortal age)

Eyes: Icey blue

Hair: Light teal (she often uses her hair to hide
her 'ears' which appear as fins)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 105lbs

Species: Siren/Mermaid

Orientation: Undecided

Personality: quiet shy and to herself, can be a bit
bitter, sensitive, has the tendency to be bubbly and cheerful, blunt when she's serious

Likes: singing,swimming, playing string related instuments, warm weather, learning about the living ways of humans (she usually resides in the water so she's not used to how humans live), smalleye hammerhead sharks and whale sharks (she often swims around with them and on good days with a few great whites

Dislikes: eels, cold weather (cold water), mean humans (those who have spotted her, throw trash and rocks at her), humpback whales (their size intimidates her), when people get too close (and try to touch her tail or the various patches of scales on her skin)

Tattoos (more of a birthmark she developed as she got older): a glowing sapphire gem on her ribcage (left side)

Piercings: none

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