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The Lost Scriptures Of A Forgotten Soul
This forgotten testament is just a place for me to come and think when I need to get something off of my troubled mind. Some of the words are my own, some are duplicated. The one's that are duplicated I take no credit for.
A Little about the shadow within...

They call me an angel but to be honest I'm just a lower class demon with a halo. I'm a wandering knight with no real name, nor a place to call home. I am my own worst enemy and my greatest fear. My wings bare the color of the essence of life itself, a deep bloody crimson. My heart has been branded with the mark of the Fallen One. I am not an angel in my eyes but there are those who refer to me as one. There was once a time when I closed my heart to the world and became a bitter and cold monster. My inner demons were the only life forms that I allowed to get close to me. I truly was such a fool but I chose the path that I now walk of my own accord, long ago before I even met the ones that I now treasure and fight to protect with all of my being. No one made the choice for me. One of these chosen few said that I was what he called a "Heaven Bound Chaos" and that a bright light shined from me, illuminating the darkness. But sadly my blind eyes still do not see what he claimed to see. In the past I have let myself cause my heart so much misery as I bore the pain willingly because it was all I knew. I will continue to walk my chosen path with my angels by my side as I make my way through the darkness. I'm the type of person that is willing to learn from the mistakes that I make as I make my journey through this life. Don't try to change me for the better to perfect me because I'll just fight against it with all my might. I believe that we must all make our mistakes and learn from them to become a better person. This world would be a very boring and terrible place if we were all alike and perfect because we would never learn anything new. We all have a darkness within us but it's the way that we choose to use that darkness that makes who we are.

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