Chris grabs my shoulder as I walk toward the table,"Leon we...."
"No. If this is a trap, one of us taking it is better than all of us."
I get to the table and pick up one of the backpacks. I toss it to Chris. I pick up the two more, tossing them to Claire and Ada. I pick the last one up and take it over to the others. Opening the small bag, we all recieve a knife and a flask. The rest is empty space. None of us are shocked. We all fill our flasks with water.
Chris,"We'll, I guess we need to find food and shelter now."
Claire,"There have to be animals here, right?"
Ada,"Not if we're in a building simulated to take the appearance of a forest."
She has a point, we all have no idea where we are.
"Let's look for shelter. On the way, we can catch anything we find."
With that, we all head for the woods. I have my knife on my belt and water in my backpack. We all have our knife to where we can easily get to it, and no one left their backpacks. They could prove useful later on.
Hours have passed, the sun is starting to go down. We've caught a few animals, rabbits, birds, squirrles, but have failed to find any use for shelter. All of us have grown tired from the hike, constant hills and such, and hunger is staring to become a factor. Suddenly, off in the distance, a cave is visable,"Do you guys see that?"
I point toward it, but I'm not the only one to have seen it. Heading in the new found direction, in hope it will provide a safe place to spent the night, we still look around. Tonight has been offly quiet. No problems at all.
Nearing the cave, we slow down. We look inside to see nothing. It isn't that long, which is perfect. We immediately make a small fire to warm some of our kill from earlier. As soon as it is cooked, we estinguish the fire.
Night has fallen. We decide that sleep is the best thing right now. Chris takes the first shift, I'm next. Then Claire and lastly Ada. The cave isn't the first place I'd ask to sleep, but it could be worse. Using my jacket as a pillow, I lay down and immediately sleep come over me.