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The unimportant entries of an insomniac.
I'll be using this journal to post art that I like off of deviantart (mostly HP), or I'll just ramble about pointless things that you probably won't care about.

We ditched school, came back to my house for my laptop and 3DS, then hitched a train to Barnes & Noble on the lower east side. After totally being mortified after a small child ran into my umbrella, we walked alllllll the way to central park and saw (smelled, too) a whole bunch of horses and when one neighed I nearly got a ******** heart attack...jesus ******** christ. Anyways, my friend was using Siri to get us to 1D's hotel (Trump Hotel) and it was taking foreverrrr and we kept sitting down so that prolonged it but it was fun. So, we're finally at the hotel right, we're like sitting across the street from it and SNOOP DOG CASUALLY WALKS BY. My mouth ******** DROPPED. AND HE SAW MY REACTION, LOOKED BACK AT ME, AND SMILED. I'M NOT EVEN A FAN OF HIS AND I SERIOUSLY LOST THE ABILITY TO EVEN. I didn't get to take a picture of him because of how fast it happened but shortly after that a model came by and was taking pictures RIGHT in front of where we were sitting. I did, on the other hand, get a picture of that. We seriously picked the best ******** spot in that place.

So after sitting there for a while the fangirls start screaming and we think it's one of the boys but nope....it's just someone in the band. Those bitches scream for everyone and EVERYTHING. But more on that later. My friend had to pee (lol if she knew i was writing this i'd be sew d e a d smilies/icon_rofl.gif) and we looked everywhere for a bathroom. First starbucks but being the classy institution it is, had no toilet paper. After my friend told me that another lady waiting started to tell me how she had paper in her bag so that "wasn't a problem" and I was like "ummm ok bye!!!! smilies/icon_eek.gif" So we went to best buy and alas, the loo was nigh. While we were on our way up the escalator my friend asked me for her wallet which was in my bag and when I gave it to her some coins fell out and actually went IN the escalator AND IT ******** STARTED MAKING NOISES. I WAS ******** PANICKING BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO DIE. smilies/icon_gonk.gif My friend, of course, found that totally hilarious. smilies/icon_stare.gif After that we went back to our little stalkers nest and at last there was some action. We knew something was up at the sound of the fangirl siren. The girl in the purple jacket running hysterically was also a very subtle clue. We walked and let them lead us to the commotion because come on, running is overrated and we were back at that classy institution that didn't have toilet paper. Guess who they were having an orgasm over. No one but Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor. While we were waiting in line to order something she kept on staring at me and my friend...ugh. Those ******** eyes pierced my soul!!!!!!! She kept on staring at us the entire time but finally stopped when she had to get her order. Oh, while we were waiting the oh so lovely girl in the purple jacket popped up to snap a picture but left her flash on like a dumbass and went "OH MAH GAWD OOOPPPPS" And me and my friend were like "smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif" The 1D gargoyles...I mean, fangirls were all over Eleanor's a**. ONE OF THEM EVEN ASKED HER FOR HER AUTOGRAPH, LMAO. She's only famous for being Louis's girlfriend so let that tell you something...hah. She looked so ******** smug about it too...I'll add a picture of her later.
EDIT: Here's the pic -
So after that we go back to our lovely nest to eat and s**t but my friend's iPhone starts dying so we go back to best buy, charge it for a bit, and go. BUT, while we're on the escalator my friend is like "LET ME DROP A COIN ON HERE AGAIN" and took out a penny and jokingly dangled it over the step..but she dropped it accidentally and the lady on the adjacent escalator heard what she said AND the penny dropping and she got the ******** off that escalator, LOL. She seriously ran down it like her life was about to end!!! smilies/icon_rofl.gif
Our feet are KILLING us at this point, so we go into a furniture store and sit on this comfy a** couch RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DISPLAY WINDOW. I, of course knocked over something with my bag because I'm smooth as hell. We didn't wanna get up but eventually we did and went to the candy store next to it. THAT PLACE WAS HEAVEN!!! Giant Hershey's bars, taffy, jawbreakers...the list could go on for hours. The only thing that was really ******** out of place was the Boo stuffed animal and the 1D merch....even my friend said that had to go. Anyways, we're back at the hotel but now we go in front near the barricade. Those girls are so scary!!!!! They scream for ******** everything. Some of them were even sprinting across the bloody street. If this was a nature movie, I would be a lamb caught in a field of dangerous, hormonal lions. Some of them kept on ******** staring at me the entire time. Probably because I was one of the only boys there but whatever, still creepy anyway. It's about 5:10 and those assholes still haven't come out yet so we were just like ******** it and went on the train home.

Best day ever.

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