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Insanity's Journal.
This is a journal that I am doing here on Gaia, I will write about the things that are popular, perhaps dance progress, performances, and a lot of other things. Well enjoy!

So yeah I know I hadn't posted much lately, been busy and found a great new game to play. I have actually two topics today: the game I've been playing ( for those gamers out there ), and about Love.

First of all the game I play is on Facebook, yes I know its annoying playing games on Facebook. You have all those people who send game requests constantly, etc. But I'm not one of those people on Facebook. I play their games for enjoyment and to have something to do with my friends when I'm bored. Anyways, the game is called Dungeon Rampage, its a great game, fun, enjoyable, and easy. Really no need to buy Facebook credits and stuff to get better at it, just takes a lot of hard work haha. Well lets get to the point, I like the game since its simple and easy, and like I mention you don't have to buy to be one of the best. Also, you can play with friends or have a open lobby and have random players join you in different stages and bosses.

The game is pretty much about you fighting for your life I guess you can say ( didn't watch/read the intro to the game haha ). And there are several different characters you can play as such as a archer, wizard, chef, ghost samurai etc. Yes Ghost Samurai and Chef sound weird but its what I think makes the game more fun. Also, they are making new maps and characters too so hurry and join! Haha well I'll leave the rest of what I have to say for next time, now its time for the Love part since I wanna see what you guys have to say.

Honestly this is gonna be more of a question and answer I guess you can say.

So last week or so in English class my teacher asked us a question on what is stronger Love of Hate. I honestly think love is, however I didn't wanna be in the debate since I just wanted to go to sleep haha. Anyways, the question is what do you think is stronger?

I personally, honestly, believe that Love is stronger. My reasons for this is because if you have ever been in a fight ( Hopefully not ), as I have been in a few, Hatred only blinds you. Well that is what I think, because if you ever have gotten really pissed off then like you just black out and lose control of yourself, you don't think or anything, you just pretty much go berserk and use the hatred to overcome your enemy. But love doesn't blind you really, like if you were to fight for a loved one you or for whatever you love, idk haha but yeah you don't really lose control. Like lets say if someone a*****e slapped the girl I like across the face then first thing I would do is hide her behind me and then possibly kick the guy's a** all the way to Laos so then my family members can kick his a** too haha.

The point is though when your fighting for someone you love it makes you stronger because you have only one thing on your mind besides the fact you wanna ******** the guy up and that is to protect the person you love. So your not blinded by hatred giving you the upper hand since you have a goal, a reason to fight, a purpose, etc. Its actually been proven to that when your fighting for a loved one, protecting someone or something you actually get stronger. I don't mean like your gonna turn to the hulk or get physically stronger, well possibly I hadn't looked it up in a long time but you become a person with a strong will. Therefore, you won't give up or anything since like I said you have only one thing on your mind to protect that special someone or thing. I am not sure if this makes any sense haha but it does to me.

Anyways, go ahead and research it or what not. But please leave a comment or a pm on what you think is stronger, Love or Hate.

Well peace, and Subscribe For A Cookie!

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