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The Loneliest Star
by W. G.

One little star, in a field of soft black
Said why will no other star play, what do I lack?
I am warm, I am bright, what else can I say,
Will no other star come visit or stay?
As the little star cried, it's loneliness grew,
until the planets around it began to cry too.
The little star was confused, could not understand
'Why do you cry, when you have your own little band?'
The planets sniffled, so sad and so shy,
'Do you not know, can you not guess why?
You cannot see your own beautiful light,
Convinced you are surrounded by nothing but night.
We dance to celebrate the gift given by you,
But you do not see us, what else can we do?'
The little star realized, why no star would come play,
Every star has true friends, who will never stray.