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Good evening. just a quick note here this fanfic jornal is based off of my point of view with my minions; rachel, and Kalyn. But just a quick note, don't post a comment about my grammar. It really pisses me off. Now...lets get started.

The vampires Lure pt.1

Something poked me in my side as I layed there curled up in my luxorious silk diamond yakuta. I groaned and lifted my head up. "Wake up sleepy head! Its time go go visit your client!" I groaned but dragged myself out of bed. "Thataboy!" I looked up to see a girl with firey straight red hair looking at me. "Good morning Rachel." I grumbled. "Mornin hun." She replied gigling. I got up and walked over to the mirror."Damn. Someone get me a brush." My perfect platinum blone hair was frayed and messed up. Next to me was a doll. Its perfect Lolita face glimmered in the sunlight coming through the french windows outside. Well....guess i better get ready. * I donned my best clothes and trudged to the car.
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I arrived at a place called "Yami Hotel" I smiled, Yami is a word i'm familiar with. I walked in the lobby which was decorated with fine silk. The floors were marble with the imprint of a large rose. I sighed. This woman has some interesting tastes I thought. I mean....why else would she pick such a hotel? But of coarse. She has...had a rich daughter. The talented chinease singer from Hong Kong. After I told the stewardess my business I met with the woman in her hotel room number 6A. "I'm so thankful for your help Doctor". The woman said breathlessly. I nodded and adjusted my glasses to get a better look at her. She had coal black hair and shrew-like navy eyes. She wore a Kimono that day. It was made of a wine colored silk. "Tell me....about Maria." I asked, and so she told me. "Maria wasn't my child at the start. I married her father after the death of her mother." I sighed. "Continue" I said cooly. "When I met her she seemed shy and gentle at first. I figured that she would be a whore. But sadly I was mistaken"- Sadly? "Go on" "I was only in it for the money. That was my aim." I felt disapproval slither into my body. "When she learned this the little b***h commuted scuicide!" I frowned. So you want me to bring her back do you....? "So, you expect me to bring her to life." I stated dully. Necromancisim. Who-hoo. Later that month I put my plan into action. I resurrected her from the grave and brought her to Japan with me. Her mother was overjoyed to know it was a success. Yet she slapped her daughter a few times around. "If you'll excuse me...I need to take Maria with me to my hotel for a few days." I murmured. Mrs.Wong agreed to it. Such a fool. When we arrived to my hotel, I put Maria in a trance that made her grow fangs and turn her hair white, and her eyes red. I sent her out to attack humans and drink their blood. The ultimate Lucy Westerna.*
Lucy westerna is one of Draculas victims. She came back from the dead and sucked the blood of children.