The Last Ame
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"Oh the humanity"
Saturday, November 24th, 2012:

I was looking at my profile preferences when something catches my eye. It reads: "You are eligible to redeem 2 free Gender-Bender potions. You can have one now." "Hm," I thought. I knew what they could do, since I've used them before on my old account. So, I shrug and say, "Eh, what the hell, ^v^" and use one. Unfortunately, the side effects made my hair, skin, and eye colors change. So, after a few cosmetic touch-ups later, and I'm good as new. "Now I need some appropriate clothing." 20 minutes later, I bought this cute maid outfit that could go along with my cloak of destruction. I choose not to wear it just yet. I choose to wear a straight-jacket because I'm "Too silly for my own good." ^w^