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In The Shadows I Must Wait
Troubling thoughts, lost sentiments, hopeful desires, infamous plots, and forsaken illusions. Here is my mind.
There is a ringing in my head, a ringing most peculiar indeed. I have lived under oppression and have learned who I am in my own tastes.

I am Romina. Romina Blackheart. Yes. My alias, as no one shall discover my identity here. So I hope. Romina Blackheart. Writer. Artist. Wiccan. Witch. Neo Vamp. Restless soul. A dying ember I am afraid. Yes, of course I am a writer and an artist. Literature and art have long been my loves from my early beginnings when I felt more confined to the serenity of my home.

And yes. A Wiccan. A witch. I am. No. I am not one deserving to enter an asylum. Dear goddess, no. I am a witch. A Wiccan. Should anyone attack me, I must respond in the most uncivil of ways. I do not fear this, however, should anyone attempt such an inappropriate manner, seeing as that I attempt, with great effort, to respect all other beliefs.

And yes. I am a Neo Vamp. Not quite a true vampire, for I was not born into such a graceful kind. A Neo Vamp. Someone who slowly steps towards the vampire realm, careful with each pace forward as they enter. I will not claim the blood entirely, no matter how charming or appealing it is to be considered one of their true blood. No, I cannot. I will not be so ignorant as to make that foolish mistake. I have seen many who idiotically call themselves one of them to attract attention or to be “cool.”

Yes. A Neo Vamp. Should anyone believe I am also being a “poser,” then that is also their opinion. An opinion I could never care for. But nevertheless, an opinion. I know what I am. I know what I believe. Your opinion would be invalid to me. Yes. Yes it will.

A writer. An artist. A Wiccan. A witch. Neo Vamp. Romina. Blackheart. Who I am. Who I will be.

Act innocent. Don't BE innocent.

Romina Blackheart
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