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'98 team part 4
The fighters prepared themselves, Yashiro won against Saisyu and Shingo effortlessly, Kula's turn came.
Neo: Okay...wow! Round three! Kula V.S Yashiro....Fight!
Both started attacking, while Kula was in the air, she had an angry glance at Yashiro.
Kula: (He's so strong, I must win against him! .....But he looks like a bad and mean person.)
Her thoughts distracted her, which made Yashiro make successful attacks on her, and and took half of her hit points.
Yashiro: Think you can beat me? It's useless!
Kula got angry and stood up, attacked using anti-K fighting style. Yashiro didn't have a good chance to counter attack, defended himself from her attacks until his chance came to use his full power, Kula lost.
Neo: Winner is Yashiro! And that was a tough fight!
Kula walked away from the stage to her team, going back home. Yashiro looked back, at Chris.
Yashiro: Hey, Chris. I've beaten babies stronger than you, pork belly!
After hearing that in a loud tone, Chris lowered his head clutching it in embarrassment.
Neo: Uh....next time don't do that.
Yashiro: Hmm?
Neo: No-nothing, nothing....that's the last match for the tournament! See you soon in sooner tournaments!
Neo showed them the place where they should receive their prize, and went home, took a rest.
Shermie: You beat three in a row, congratulations~
Yashiro: They were just easy random players in a team.
Shermie: Another news in the magazine...
Yashiro: Which one?
Shermie: Both. We 'might' stop participate as a team, maybe...
Yashiro: It doesn't matter. However, we still have things to do in the future instead of joining the tournaments.
Shermie: Oh, like the band.
Chris: What's our next song? Who'll sing?
Both looked at Chris without saying anything, just an eye contact.
Chris: Me?!
Yashiro: Yes, you. Solo.
Chris: B-but I don't want to-....
Yashiro: Think about it, a lot of people requested that!
Chris: Alone? The whole time?
Yashiro: Yup! I and Shermie will just play the instruments, and you'll sing. In the center.
Chris: Why me?
Yashiro: Remember back before in 1997? You did make a great job increasing the fans.
Chris: That was before, and now we're known around the world.
Yashiro: Just do it!
Chris: ..........Okay.

The end of '98 team.

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