Aura Wintergreen
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I Just Don't Understand
I promised myself that this time would be different, that I wouldn't cry anymore, no matter what you did or said, I was done crying over it.
But no!
Once more you've made me want to cry.
I just don't understand.
Now you want less time at work and more time at home?
Now you don't want to work weekends?
I just don't understand.
Is it because we're older now and we don't need you as much anymore?
I just don't understand why you do the things you do.
You think that I don't need you? It's not the case, I don't want to have to need you because I'm scared of being hurt.
You think that I don't love you? I don't know how to love you.
You think that I don't trust you? Well, in that case you're right, I can't trust you because you've lied to many times.
I just don't understand daddy, I just don't understand.