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Bunny-kun's Mashed Potatoes. >u<
In a completely different change of pace, I'm writing about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the angst that continues to plague me~! This time, I'm writing about mashed potatoes.

What's beautiful about mashed potatoes is that you don't need a set recipe for this. Basically so long as you have potatoes, butter or margarine, and milk or cream, you have everything you need to cook up a batch of the ultimate in comfort noms.

For this Thanksgiving, I went with five pounds of Russets (normally I go with a mix of Russets and Reds but PathMark didn't have any Reds I liked that day), two sticks of better, and simply eyeballed the heavy cream. Like all batches of mashed potatoes, I start with a good peeling, washing, and quartering session before I boil them in the biggest pot I have in the house. Once the potato quarters are fork-tender, I drain them before putting them back in the very same pot. That's when I add the butter and heavy cream--the latter of which I don't really measure with anything other than an eyeballing method.

The result using this method is a batch of mash that is thick and hearty enough such that you can have them as mashed potatoes today and mashed potato salad the next. I normally don't eat mashed potatoes right out of the fridge, but if you wanted to make a batch that could be eaten in that manner, then you'll definitely want to make them thick and hearty instead of light and fluffy.

Here's to happy nomming--one good way to deal with stress. =u=