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Drawing for RP
I'm not a greedy person, but I do love roleplaying. I used to, and still are roleplaying in my art shop, but I also do it through skype and meebo. The info is in my profile and shop, but I'll give a summary (I bolded any plot twist):

(Kain lives in Durem art district, and has territories in Barton Art District.)Kain left Gaia for a year after he forgot everything that had happened after he confronted his master, Vincent. Now that Vincent had lost his powers, Kain could come back, even if there were some of Vincent's followers running around. His fiancee, Serge, decided to get vengeance and left for many months, coming back Kain confronted him, saying he didn't want serge running around killing people. In their dispute, they broke up, and Serge left. Heartbroken, he submerged himself in the von Helson workings of the castle, trying to give away and buy new territory in Gaia from the other demons (higher up demons in gaia have control of the dark workings of the city by territories). In one of his working days with some other demons from Durem, he got attacked by the bishops that worked on the church outside of Barton[b]. Kain had always had good relations with them, since that church was the one to calm his demon spirit down, but the new archbishop had other plans, [b]experiments to change demons back to their old human roots. They tried it on Kain, but AI, Devak, and Majix got him out before they saw results, but they saw the results. The darkness seeped out of his body, draining his life force out. After he recovered, he has kept on the down-low, trying to live normally again.

Here's my gallery:
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