I won't let some creep deter me from my only real outlet. It's sad, but this site is the only place I can just be a c**t and get away with it. Talk about random s**t in GD, not have any real... I dunno, pressure or anything, to keep up conversation or be overly friendly. And, yeah, I can hide from Julia's neediness.

    Thanksgiving's only been over for an hour, and Christmas-related adds are already everywhere. America, ******** yeah!

    My Aunt Lynn has this new, pristine house. I didn't know where I would be having dinner when I woke up this morning at the buttcrack of dawn. None of us did. It was quite the adventure.

    Aunt Kim: Don't tell me we're lost...
    Rissy/Paul/Jer: We're not lost.
    Me: Well, if we are, Jer and I are letting you guys die. Going by Darwinianism, we're the smartest and therefore deserve to live.
    Everyone: *cracks up*
    Me: *beams* (These people get my bitchy humour and appreciate it. I love them.)

    I made a new friend today. His name is Remus and I envy him. He has fur to keep him warm and four legs. I've been getting weird daydream-urges lately when I go for hikes in my woods. I suddenly just look longingly at all of the field distance I can't cover before dark and wish I could just start running and like... phase. I've been trying to re-learn how to build a fire so that I could stay out there later, deep into the dark and chilly nights, but it's not working out so well. I won't go all Chris McCandless and get the idea that I could survive in the Wild. I like sensual and aesthetical pleasures and luxury too much.

    Anyway, yeah... Thanksgiving dinner in the foothills of Georgia. It was nice, actually. Really nice. My Aunt's house is nice. She's nicer, too, but sad. And her house isn't that far away from the main Gainesville State Campus, and she's so lonely without her Autistic grandson Robert... and I wouldn't have to see my godfather every day...

    I had a new energy up there in the slanted afternoon light, playing with Remus and surrounded on all sides by the barren trees. It was a suburban wasteland, just the kind of neat, never-lived-in house I had a strange affinity for as a kid. All of my friends in Cedar Creek had these lovely, perfect houses with naked insides. Blank slates, the lot of them (houses, not the friends). It was beautiful.

    But then again, so is every place but the place we're going back to later that evening. So it very well could be just another one of those grass-is-always-greener things.

    Oh, yeah, and in one afternoon and just 2.5 episodes, I'm now officially in the True Blood fandom... oh, dear. Seriously just what I needed, though. Something new to obsess over. Why couldn't I have gotten obsessed when the last season was still airing?!