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Fort of the Dark
Lies a country with a sultry king,
Wore a crown that was a thorn full of red,
Led his army to destroy our happiness,
Dead and begone,
he refuses to quit.
The light was insufferable,
The smiles were indestructable,
It felt like Genocidal,
Everything was suicidal.

He kept them as prisoners,
Some had became runners,
Well jokes on you,
everyone was suffering.
A man with many words,
But a man with few deeds,
Hell will open up if i live by my needs,
Heaven opens up if i live on my knees.

Discriminate all the bad,
Hold on to the rights,
That's not how we do it,
In the valley of pain.
Severe hits to the hearts,
Lie to everyone from the start,
i will give you what you need
if you give me what i heed,

Forth of the dark
something to be afraid off,
don't you wanna run?
because all of the dead
seem to not succeed.

The hate was undeniable,
they kept things to the reliable
He lied, They obliged
That's the originality
of the city of Sin.