The one who pulls my strings: TDATachi Muzamaki.
My name is: Kyouto.
I am: 24 years old.
Can't you tell: Male.
I am a proud: Second In Command (Remnant)
I serve: Tyrryant
I have earned my title: S-Rank Missing Nin
My favorite things are: Ramen, Assassinations, Domination, Strategy, Loyalty.
I hate things like: Closed minded people, Dishonor, BS.
I carry: [30] Shurikens, [30] Kunais, [10] EMP Tag: A Tag created with two purposes; Depending on how the user utilizes this tag, the tag has two kanji symbols on it that serves the purpose of on/off switches. Once planted, the user can either choose to activate the kanji symbol as a electric shock that produces enough jolts through the opponents body to cause paralysis or the tag can be activated as an electric explosion (think grenade explosion with electricity combined) unlike a normal explosion, if you are not close enough to be swallowed by the explosion, only effected by the outer portion of the explosion then paralysis would take effect because traveling ahead of the force of the explosion is electricity which would reach you before the force does.
Paralysis Duration: 3 Posts beginning after the opponent's post of being shocked[5]
Jutsu: Affinities: Earth & Water

I can be described as: A leader, not a follower. A clown at times. Serious as a heart attack around my enemies.
My life can be described as: I am Kyouto, an S-rank Missing-Nin from Iwagakure. In my younger days as a Iwagakure nin, I had a vision. It was to become the Tsuchikage, change the world for the better. I knew being a slacker would never get me there, so I put my best foot forward in everything I did. I finally made it to Jounin at the age of 18. It finally hit me, why would I become Tsuchikage, when I could become the Kage of everything by eliminating all Kages and taking over the main countries. It was an insane Idea, but this was the key to peace. Combining all the lands together to create one shinobi nation under my ruling. So, I left my village to create an organization. Instead of creating a different organization, I revived the Akatsuki.
I look like: Kyouto Golden hair with glowing blue eyes.
Oh yeah: Most Earth & Water attacks, doesn't require hand seals. Chakra is built, then released into his surroundings, though he is only able to control his affinities, nothing more. The only time Kyouto uses hand seals is when he is about to summon. Special: Rasengan (Mastered) - Kyouto has mastered the Rasengan, but due to the lack of wind element he is unable to use the most powerful form of Rasengan - Rasen Shuriken(Currently working on adding his element into Rasengan). Summon: Kyouto has signed a blood contract with Gorillas, so he is able to summon any type of Gorillia. Geto is the most commonly used gorilla summoning. Geto uses a metal pole as a weapon. Geto and the gorillia family affinities are Earth & Water and are very strong.