Well tomorrow is a highly exciting day for me tomorrow want to know why? I get my braces off! finally! it's been a long time I won't say how long but so far the reactions are like wow really? O.O haha so yeah there is that. Than my day is going to be blehh tomorrow because of school even though it's the last day before thanksgiving break but I have 6 different tests to take tomorrow and a select 4 I won't be there for because of my appointment which is kind of disappointing that I'll have to make them up another time. AGH! but other than that it should be a great day! I will be completely honest I'm excited for tomorrow I'll have no braces I get to eat popcorn and different foods I couldn't before like apples, etc. it's just like yay!!!!! the tests though I can live without but then I'll have to make a lot of them up since I won't be there for a few of them I'm afraid not to be at school for two of them and those two would be math and english. Go figure right? the most needed core classes! the tests can be hard and me not being the best test taker just kind of makes it worse. UGH! gotta love that test anxiety! and I know I'm not the only one that gets it so it's cool if you have it too a lot of us do on a daily basis or whenever we take tests but I'm getting a bit better with my tests this year which is a good thing. I think it was all just perspective and what I thought of tests because as I kept encouraging myself through them I've been getting 10 times better with them thank goodness! Really though that's it just a small update for tomorrow oh and one more thing, my grandma is coming in from west palm beach so I'm highly excited to see her as well it's been a while and I don't normally get to talk to her unless I actually see her face to face which I should fix that and call her she is the grandma I actually want to talk with. haha biggrin I love her and miss her so im excited to see her again. She's coming in for thanksgiving since on thursday we are going to jacksonville to see family and we are bringing her with us. so yeah! alright now im done! xDDD