For exchange ~

yum_strawberry .::::Do not quote this post, or I will die emotion_sweatdrop
yum_strawberry .::::I Do not haggle 9times out of10; sorry!! emotion_bandaid
yum_strawberry .::::Be patient with replies I'm not super slow but my english isnt the best~! emotion_bigvein
yum_strawberry .::::I'd like for labled trades please! (I double check though) emotion_bandaid
yum_strawberry .::::I ignore terrible/shitty offers for the most part. emotion_sweatdrop
yum_strawberry .::::I hardly ever accept twice in a row...I cancel trades if you doesn't accept within 10 minutes emotion_bigvein
yum_strawberry .::::*Keep in mind* YOU do NOT have to buy things from me and I do NOT have to sell them to you!! classified_jet