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And even more text.
Psionic abilities: The various powers are classified into five types:
creativity (creation and transmutation of matter and energy)
farsensing (ESP)
coercion (mind control)
redaction (mental and physical healing).

List of Psychic Abilities:
Apportation - Materialization, disappearance, or teleportation of an object.
Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.
Automatic writing - Writing produced without conscious thought.
Astral projection or mental projection - An out-of-body experience in which an "astral body" becomes separate from the physical body.
Bilocation or multilocation - Being in multiple places at the same time.
Clairvoyance, second sight - Perception outside the known human senses.[2]
Death-warning - A vision of a living person prior to his or her death.[6]
Divination - Gaining insight into a situation via a ritual.[7]
Dowsing - Ability to locate objects.[8]
Energy medicine - Healing by channeling a form of energy.[9]
Faith healing - Diagnosing and curing disease using religious devotion.[10]
Mediumship or channeling – Communicating with spirits.[11]
Precognition, premonition and precognitive dreams - Perception of events before they happen.
Psychic surgery - Removal of diseased body tissue via an incision that heals immediately afterwards.[12]
Psychokinesis or telekinesis - Manipulation of matter or energy by the power of the mind.
Psychometry or psychoscopy - Obtaining information about a person or object.
Remote viewing - Gathering of information at a distance.
Retrocognition - Perception of past events.
Scrying - Use of an item to view events at a distance or in the future.
Telepathy - Transfer of thoughts or emotions.
Transvection - Bodily levitation or flying.

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