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what hapent at a Collage party
yeterday i diched everyone for my friends Kellies sisters party.it was the best.befor i whent there i was thinking "what if nobody likes me?" "what if im a "wall" person" "maby i should not go" but i knew i had to becuse if i didnt.then i would have let kellie down and she has almost no friends.and when her mom 1st saw me she was like "god bless you.i knew she would find a friend one day"

so,when i fist got there.i hung out wither her.then i whent to Publix. helped her and her sister with shopping.i came around 4:00.around 7:00 people started showing up.the fist was her cousan (the youngest one at the party was me and the oldest was 32) i talked to Jacki (shes a party girl hardcore and shes 23 and she acts like shes 17) Flippe (i had a joke off with him and hes 26) i started tellen "yo mamma" jokes becuse we had the joke off (wile eating) i got the whole table laghing (bout 30 people was there) there was alot of drinking and smoking.shm.one day the world will change and you will stop smoking.there was a Hooka, Votka and everything.i could tell every1 was almost drunk becuse when i told them " a blond girl and her friends whent to the YMCA the blond said "look they spelled Macys rong" after dinner and near 11:00 i drank Red Bull for the fist time.and the mom challenged me to a dance off.then Kellie joined in.and when every1 say i was good...they joind in.Jakie challiged me to a sexy dance off..and i totly beat her a** cat_smilies/icon_biggrin.gifcat_smilies/icon_blaugh.gif
i wish i could do it all over again:cat_3nod:

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