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To you, the reader, my significance is just that of a passerby out on a crowded street, or maybe even a mall. You probably did not even remember the last person who walked passed you or even bumped into you. Better yet, perhaps I am even less significant than that. Chances are you have not seen me or even heard me once throughout this lifetime. I have a question, what is the value of life? Is the value of one life more important than the value of another? Is the passerby in the town just as important as your mother or your spouse? With all honesty you probably would not value the stranger as much or more than the person you are familiar with. With that said, why are you still reading this? Have I really captured your attention this far or are you required to read this? I am writing from my brain. There is only one permanent truth that will be comprehended from my words. The truths of today are not the same as the truths of tomorrow. Is that true? Could it really be that the truths do not change but the human does? Alternatively, maybe its just their mind?
final attempt
When I looked at you, I saw a genuine person, a person of warmth, sincerity, strength, passion, ambition and fun. But I also saw a risk, a subtle hint of danger of a broken heart.
Despite having a feeling that you would do that again, I gave you the benefit of a doubt because I did see strength, and I knew our feelings were real and our feelings were also strong... And stronger. I spoke to you yesterday and saw that you had strength because despite the obsticles you were willing to continue trying. I thought you grew out of being a person who gives up too easily because of fear, but I was wrong and because I ignored the signs, today, I'm hurt again, but this time more...
I understand the reasons behind what you say, but I know for a fact that I am not a bad person and that we are great together. Bringing out the best of each other could only mean an optimistic present and future.
For this reason, if you permit, have the will and the courage, can we together talk to your mom as a serious couple for a final attempt at this.
Let me try talking to your mom and show her who I really am and that I wouldn't hurt you and that I love being around you and your family. You say your mom is good at reading people and me not trying to talk to her makes me look like a coward and unworthy.
Let her see the correct signs, let her see who I really am. I am a person who takes honor and pride very seriously. I am not a weak person. I am not a coward. I am not a person who gives my heart to just anyone. You are giving off the wrong signs too. You not defending the relationship makes you seem cowardly and unworthy too. We clicked so easily and instantly in high school, and then we clicked so easily and instantly again in the recent past. I believe things happen for a reason. You want to know the extent of that word, “like?” I don’t remember if it was your mom or your sister but one of them asked me the same question years ago. This long message right here is your answer. This is me with my heart fully open and yours to do what you want with.

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