Plots and Pairings

Simple Pairings - My Roles on the left, yours on the right!

Animal x Human
Animal x Animal
Animal x Furry
Animal x Dragon
Furry x Human
Furry x Dragon
Dragon x Dragon
Dragon x Harpy
Pokemon x Trainer (Human or furry)
Pokemon x Furry
Pokemon x Pokemon
Pokemon x Animal

Fandom Based

Elder Scrolls - I'd play as an Argonian or Khajiit
Pokemon (duh) - As long as I can play a pokemon, I'm happy!
Okami - I'd play as an animal or furry, you'd play as Amaterasu
Spyro - I'd play as Spyro, or another male dragon, and you'd be Cynder or another female dragon
Star Fox - I'd play as fox or another male furry, you would play Krystal or another female furry
Animal Crossing - Male animal character with a female human or a female animal
Cave Story - Male mimiga with a female human or mimiga
Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) - I play as flammy(male), another male dragon or a male furry character, and you play as flammy(female) another female dragon, or a female human or female furry character.
Tales of Symphonia(1 or 2) - I play as Noishe, Tenebrae or a monster and you play as any female character, just about.
I would also like to try mixing and matching between there fandoms. EXAMPLE: Amaterasu x Pokemon