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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Losing Interest/Inspiration/Procrastinaton
I'm writing the entry right now but its pretty long so I'll post it in a bit after I check to make sure its all good. I was writing it for a friend that needed help with these problems(I read their entry and left a comment then was inspired to write a 'help' entry'). But I feel like my advice was kinda sucky. But I'll know what they think once they read my comment. I thought it was kinda good advice too. Note: I forgot I even made this entry here.lol But the friend I wrote it for said they had found it helpful.

I was reading a friend(person I'm a fan of)'s journal entry and he was talking about losing interest in drawing and many other things. So being the wonderful person that I am I left a HUGE comment with advice. Hopefully its helpful other wise they might get annoyed with all they have to read. XD

But in all seriousness I feel like I should write an in depth explanation on what to do. When you find yourself losing interest in things you love to do. Cuz I understand this all too well...so I have found many ways to stop it but its still there most of the time.

Dang you lack of motivation and inspiration!! *insert sad face and apology for them to come back*

And if this is boring or doesn't help I'm sorry. I get lazy and this is tied to this whole title. I love writing journals but I get so bored even though I love writing them.


Regarding the 'losing interest' thing I figure its due to 'having to much of' or 'doing to much of' that thing. For example you really like a certain type of food and you, for some reason, eat alot of it; could lead you to hating it. Because of the reason for eating that much(if sad) or because you might have gotten sick afterwards.

Second example: this can be a number of things but I'll just use drawing. If you find your self hating it it could be because you are getting bored or something else is going on to make you hate it. I could never figure out exactly why this happens but I think its something to do with your emotions or, hopefully not this, depression.

I'm sure everyone knows when you're depressed you don't like things you once did before. You might not be 'depressed' but have possibly lost inspiration or motivation. So I've listed a few things that I do to help. In getting me to like some of the things that I like again.

*Break the routine and find something new to do.
-------Sometimes trying new things will help.

*Draw fan art for your favorite anime,manga,or some other character from a book.
-------I think drawing a favorite character might be fun.I'm trying to improve my skills at drawing but I get lazy...XD

*Watch anime or read new manga
-------I love finding new things to read or watch.I'll list a few of my favorites:
-----------Fairy Tail, The Wallflower, Kimi Ni Todoke, Vampire Knight, Rasetsu, Wild Ones, Oresama Teacher, Dengeki Daisy, High School Debut, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and many others... I almost regret the day I became aware of manga and anime. I just love it so much. As for movies watching Horror or Action movies is always exciting. I know ALOT of each in these categories but if you want a recommendation just ask me. A dangerous thing to get into(it is somehow very addicting)is a webcomic called Homestuck.Its on this site called mspaintadventures.com and there is a voice over of the comic on youtube(homestuckcolab). I rely on Homestuckcollab now because there are SO MANY pages to read. But its worth it since its so good, might seem a bit boring at first, but good.

*So weird but doing something you enjoy somehow counteracts the urge of getting bored with something you enjoy. This last one is so confusing but also true. ^^;

Hopefully I helped in some way.Oh and listening to music helps but I'm sure many of you already know this.But I'll be glad to recommend some bands if you want new music to listen to.

And new books or whatever to read.

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