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Monster Hunter Story 1
Green - BaconLuv (Aka the main character and narrator of the story)
Red - WyvernKing
Purple - Hir (Yeah, his name was confusing so we've always just called him 'Hir)

This story is based off of the last quest the three of us did together.

It was a normal day in the city of Loc Lac. The sun was shining brightly, and everything seemed peaceful. I woke up to hearing a loud crash outside of my window and slinked out of bed. Slowly, I made my way over to the window to see what all the commotion was about. I rubbed my white, colorless eyes as the sun hit my short, jet-black hair. As I looked down upon the ground, I saw a local Feylnx dazed on the ground with shattered glass all around. The white cat sat up after coming to, and rubbed a brown-furred paw over its brown face. "Simmon, you dropped the merchant's trade goods again?! He's going to kill you!" I called down to the small cat, who was now on his feet and gathering the shattered glass. "I know! Mrrraow! What's a cat to do though?! My paws can't hold on to the slippery glass..." "Maybe a pair of studded gloves would help keep it from slipping out of your paws." A male voice said in the distance. Soon a medium-height, average-weight guy with long, black hair and dark eyes appeared. He had three tiger-striped tattoos on each side of his face. "You're earlier than usual, King." I mumbled sleepily down to my friend. "Well today's a big day, the chief is giving us a tough assignment so I thought we should celebrate before heading off. Get your bedhead fixed and let's get moving, we need to pick up Hir too." "Okay, okay. Can you at least tell me what we're fighting so I know what to bring?" "Oh, right, sorry. It's a Rathian." "Rathian?" "AND a Rathalos." "What?! Two?! At the same time?!" My eyes widened as a slight fear took over. Every Elite Hunter knew to avoid Rathian and Rathalos when the two were in the same area. Rathian, the easier of the two, usually stayed on the ground; but was known to fly whenever it planned to hit its target with its spiked, poison-filled tail, or to pin its target down and bite and tear at the target. A Rathian was green-scaled, stood on two legs with two large, brownish-green, slightly spotted wings. Rathians can also breathe fire when they're on the ground as well. Rathalos are large,crimson wyverns. They appear to look similar to Rathians except for their different coloring, slightly different tail shape, and they are slightly bigger than Rathians as well.Rathalos tend to fly a lot more and usually breathe fire when they fly, though they can breathe fire when on the ground too.Their poison is in their talons. When separated, the two are easier to fight; but when one is in danger it will call the other. Fighting both will be a challenge. "Yup. It's Double Trouble time! Now hurry up, Sis!" King shouted then tapped his foot impatiently as he turned and stood, leaning against the loft. King and I have been friends for a while now. It was during the low ranks when we met.


"BL! I have an important assignment for you today so listen up!!" "Yes, Chief!" I stood before the village chief in attention, ready for anything. I was a gunner back then. My gun was a rathling gun, and my armor was a blue-scaled lagiacrus armor. "For today's quest you will be in the volcano. Your target is an Uragaan. Catch it or kill it, I don't care what you do, but we need it OUT of there!" "Alright. What does it look like?" The chief smirked, "Sometimes I forget that you're still new. Uragaans have a tough, iron-like chin. They have a gold-brown, rocky back while their underbelly is a stony, dark color. Be careful." "Aye-aye, cap'n'!" I ran off, grabbed my ammo, potions, rations, coolers for the volcano, and traps; then headed to the volcano. Along the way, I ended up getting lost int he forest just outside the volcano. I sat on a tree stump for a moment and let out a sigh. "Are you lost?" I heard a voice say. Soon a figure appeared out of the bushes - a guy in green Rathian armor. "Yeah...I'm supposed to go to the volcano to hunt an Uragaan." "Hey, me too! We should team up!" "Alright. I'm still new to being a Monster Hunter so I don't know many people yet." "That's okay. I'm still a little new, but I have been around enough to know what I'm doing. My name is 'King' by the way." "That's cool, my name is kinda dumb so just call me BL." "Haha, okay. Well, shall we get going?" "Yup." The quest ended up being a success, and soon after we formed our own dynamic duo. We pushed through the low ranks like they were nothing, and made our way into the high ranks.

*Back to Present*

I switched to my Vangis armor, which looked like something a biker would wear, and grabbed my gun. My gun was a combination of a Jhen cannon barrel, a Rathling+ frame, and an Alatreon stock; all in all it is a heavy bowgun, making it harder to move and dodge with, but it has a shield to deflect an attack. I went downstairs and greeted King outside. "You know, I don't know how you aim so well with one eye covered." He commented. I pointed to my eye that had a dark, indigo tattoo of flames around it. "This is my good eye, now come on. Hir is probably ready to go by now." We headed toward the Northern part of the city and found Hir fully prepared in full Rathalos armor. "Hey bro, hey sis. Ready to roll?" "King has a small 'surprise' for us before we go." "Yup, we better hurry though. We can't waste much time or the chief will be mad." Hir and I followed King to the dining hall and had the usual feast that we always have before a tough mission. "Okay guys, let's roll out." King and Hir nodded in agreement and the three of us went to the chief. King handed him the quest notice and objectives. "You guys, and lady, know what to do. Get out there and make me proud!!" With those words of motivation from the chief, we took running and headed to our destination.

After about five hours of walking through D. Island, my armor ability kicked in, and I saw where the two wyverns were on my map. I loaded my ammo into my gun and then pointed to the wyvern's nest. "Rathian is at the nest alone, it would be best if we eliminate Rathian first." "Yeah, we'll just have to keep an eye out for her mate." Hir noted. The three of us climbed the small hills and trudged through the thin brush fairly quickly. If we didn't move quick enough, both wyverns would catch on to our scents and we would be done for. When we reached the nest itself, Rathian instantly spotted us and unleashed its epic roar. "Damn, we were too slow to get the drop on her." King commented before rushing out at her. "But she's still mine! Hyaaaaa!!" He brought his hammer straight down on the Rathian's head, completely sending it in a daze. "Nice work, bro!" I called out, firing shot after shot of para-bullets. After the fourth shot, the Rathian was unable to move, but the effect wouldn't last long. While King and I had been busy with our jobs, Hir had been busy with the beast's tail. With one final slam with his greatsword, Rathian's tail sliced off, spraying the area with blood. The large, green wyvern tumbled backwards. As it struggled to get up, it screeched and squirmed violently.

- Note as of 8/5/2013: I have the entire story written down, but I wrote it ages ago and I don't even like it any more. I am lazy, therefore, I am not going to type it out. I am leaving the story end right there. It also makes me miss the friends I hunted with daily. Friends that I will never get to talk to again.

I'll put a picture here later
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