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W.F.F. (Wrestling Female Federation) The best of the best has just made impact!
W.F.F. Episode 23 "No fear on my face!"
It was the next day after we told Zatanko she had one more chance to win a match.
Me and Himoka were walking on the side walk together,in my mind I was thinking that If I wanted to tell Himoka how I felt,that NOW would be the time.
Shocko:"Hey Himoka can I tell you-"Before I could finish Himoka ran off.
"LOOK SHOCKO!They built this new exercise gym!Let's check it out!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif"She quickly went inside.
I sighed and slowly walked inside.
We went inside and the place was HUGE!Biggest gym I'd ever been in,me and Himoka walked and saw people doing yoga in a room.

Himoka:"I always wanted to get into yoga,what do you think Shocko?"
I put my hands behind my back-"It's not my choice.....BUT HIMOKA SINCE WERE ALONE I-"Before I could I was hit by a swinging door that had been opened in my face and hit the floor!
A girl with long blond hair walked out from behind the door,she wore tight fitted sweat pants and a blue top coming off her shoulder and she was in SHAPE for a girl-"HUH?!Oh man!Dude are you alright!?"She bent down to me and I was hit by her beautiful face!
I started to blush-"UHHH-UHHHH....Y-YEAH I-I'M ALRIGHT!smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif"
Himoka:"Were you coming from the yoga class?!"
The girl turned to Himoka-"Y-Yeah,I do yoga.It helps get in the groove man!smilies/icon_wink.gif"

I got up and dusted myself off-"Y'know it's polite to hit someone in the face without telling me your name!"
She turned her head-"IT IS??!.....Sorry!I'm so off dude,my names Millia!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif"

Millia:"Yes?Do you like my name,I like my name too!smilies/icon_3nodding.gif"
Shocko:"NO!Y-Your a wrestler!"Millia's eyes got big!
"How....did you know I'm a wrestler....."She asked.
Himoka:"Cuz I'm a wrestler TOO from the W.F.F.!I'm Himoka Attatari!smilies/icon_smile.gif"
Himoka nodded happily.
Shocko:"Listen Millia,this isn't the place to talk about an UNDERCOVER wrestling place....let's sit down and talk."Millia grabbed my hand-"Okay,let's go!"

"Uhhh-Uhhh....okay....."I got dragged off.


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i P A N G Y A
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Dec 25, 2012 @ 01:39am
Himoka on Yoga?
I thought she was bad at everything so wouldnt she be bad at Yoga?
And who is Millia ? Do I know her and am i supposed to know her?
I do like the part when she said Millia:"Yes?Do you like my name,I like my name too!"

I thought that was cute x3

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